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  1. bring along:


Detailübersetzungen für bring along (Englisch) ins Deutsch

bring along:

to bring along Verb (brings along, brought along, bringing along)

  1. to bring along (bring; carry)
    bringen; mitbringen; mitnehmen; einbringen; herbeibringen
    • bringen Verb (bringe, bringst, bringt, brachte, brachtet, gebracht)
    • mitbringen Verb (bringe mit, bringst mit, bringt mit, bracht mit, mitgebracht)
    • mitnehmen Verb (nehme mit, nimmst mit, nimmt mit, namt mit, mitgenommen)
    • einbringen Verb (bringe ein, bringst ein, bringt ein, bracht ein, brachtet ein, eingebracht)
    • herbeibringen Verb (bringe herbei, bringst herbei, bringt herbei, brachte herbei, brachtet herbei, herbeigebrahct)

Konjugationen für bring along:

  1. bring along
  2. bring along
  3. brings along
  4. bring along
  5. bring along
  6. bring along
simple past
  1. brought along
  2. brought along
  3. brought along
  4. brought along
  5. brought along
  6. brought along
present perfect
  1. have brought along
  2. have brought along
  3. has brought along
  4. have brought along
  5. have brought along
  6. have brought along
past continuous
  1. was bringing along
  2. were bringing along
  3. was bringing along
  4. were bringing along
  5. were bringing along
  6. were bringing along
  1. shall bring along
  2. will bring along
  3. will bring along
  4. shall bring along
  5. will bring along
  6. will bring along
continuous present
  1. am bringing along
  2. are bringing along
  3. is bringing along
  4. are bringing along
  5. are bringing along
  6. are bringing along
  1. be brought along
  2. be brought along
  3. be brought along
  4. be brought along
  5. be brought along
  6. be brought along
  1. bring along!
  2. let's bring along!
  3. brought along
  4. bringing along
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Übersetzung Matrix für bring along:

VerbVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
bringen bring; bring along; carry bring; bring around; deliver; deliver to the door; furnish; give; hand over; hand over to; leave; provide; send; send round; ship; supply
einbringen bring; bring along; carry bring forward; bring in; collect; compensate for; contribute; counterbalance; distribute; gather; hand out; have influence; have something to say; initiate; introduce; make good; nominate; obtain; present; produce; propose; put in; raise; ration
herbeibringen bring; bring along; carry distribute; hand out; ration
mitbringen bring; bring along; carry
mitnehmen bring; bring along; carry carry before it; drag along; pull along

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