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  1. tear off:


Detailed Synonyms for tear off in Englisch

tear off:

to tear off Verb (tears off, tore off, tearing off)

  1. to tear off
    to tear off; to rip off; to pull off
    • tear off Verb (tears off, tore off, tearing off)
    • rip off Verb (rips off, ripped off, ripping off)
    • pull off Verb (pulls off, pulled off, pulling off)
  2. to tear off
    to separate; to differentiate; to tear off
    • separate Verb (separates, separated, separating)
    • differentiate Verb (differentiates, differentiated, differentiating)
    • tear off Verb (tears off, tore off, tearing off)
    to split
    – separate into parts or portions 1
    • split Verb (splits, split, splitting)
  3. to tear off
    – rip off violently and forcefully 1
    to tear off; tear away
    – rip off violently and forcefully 1

Konjugationen für tear off:

  1. tear off
  2. tear off
  3. tears off
  4. tear off
  5. tear off
  6. tear off
simple past
  1. tore off
  2. tore off
  3. tore off
  4. tore off
  5. tore off
  6. tore off
present perfect
  1. have torn off
  2. have torn off
  3. has torn off
  4. have torn off
  5. have torn off
  6. have torn off
past continuous
  1. was tearing off
  2. were tearing off
  3. was tearing off
  4. were tearing off
  5. were tearing off
  6. were tearing off
  1. shall tear off
  2. will tear off
  3. will tear off
  4. shall tear off
  5. will tear off
  6. will tear off
continuous present
  1. am tearing off
  2. are tearing off
  3. is tearing off
  4. are tearing off
  5. are tearing off
  6. are tearing off
  1. be torn off
  2. be torn off
  3. be torn off
  4. be torn off
  5. be torn off
  6. be torn off
  1. tear off!
  2. let's tear off!
  3. torn off
  4. tearing off
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Alternate Synonyms for "tear off":

Verwandte Definitionen für "tear off":

  1. rip off violently and forcefully1

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