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  1. Assembly
    the assembly
    – A collection of one or more files that are versioned and deployed as a unit. An assembly is the primary building block of a .NET Framework application. All managed types and resources are contained within an assembly and are marked either as accessible only within the assembly or as accessible from code in other assemblies. Assemblies also play a key role in security. The code access security system uses information about the assembly to determine the set of permissions that code in the assembly is granted. 1
  2. Assembly
    the assembly
    – A managed application module containing class metadata and managed code as an object in SQL Server, against which CLR functions, stored procedures, triggers, user-defined aggregates, and user-defined types can be created in SQL Server. 1

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assembly Assembly Assemblee; Begegnung; Beisammensein; Beratung; Konferenz; Kongreß; Sitzung; Tagung; Treffen; Unterredung; Veranstaltung; Versammlung; Zusammenkunft; Zusammensein; Zusammensetzung; Zusammenstellung; Zusammentreffen