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  1. ISA (Industriestandardarchitektur; Industry Standard Architecture)
    the Industry Standard Architecture; the ISA
    – A bus design specification that allows components to be added as cards plugged into standard expansion slots in IBM Personal Computers and compatibles. Originally introduced in the IBM PC/XT with an 8-bit data path, ISA was expanded in 1984, when IBM introduced the PC/AT, to permit a 16-bit data path. A 16-bit ISA slot actually consists of two separate 8-bit slots mounted end-to-end so that a single 16-bit card plugs into both slots. An 8-bit expansion card can be inserted and used in a 16-bit slot (it occupies only one of the two slots), but a 16-bit expansion card cannot be used in an 8-bit slot. 1

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ISA ISA; Industriestandardarchitektur; Industry Standard Architecture
Industry Standard Architecture ISA; Industriestandardarchitektur; Industry Standard Architecture