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Agent [der ~] Nomen

  1. der Agent (Geschäftsreisende; Vertreter)
    the representative; the salesman; the seller
  2. der Agent (Impresario)
    the manager
  3. der Agent (Zwischenperson)
    the agents
  4. der Agent
    the agent
    – An application that runs on a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) managed device. The agent application is the object of management activities. A computer running SNMP agent software is also sometimes referred to as an agent. 1
  5. der Agent
    the agent
    – In client/server applications, a process that mediates between the client and the server. 1
  6. der Agent
    the agent
    – A program that performs a background task for a user and reports to the user when the task is done or some expected event has taken place. 1
  7. der Agent
    the agent
    – The part of the rig that is used to run tests and generate simulated load. 1
  8. der Agent
    the agent
    – A monitoring option in real-time spyware protection that monitors various types and areas of software activity on your computer. 1
  9. der Agent
    the agent
    – A managed software component that monitors events and performance pertaining to a specific application component, and transmits observations to a host application for display, action, or reporting. 1
  10. der Agent
    the agent
    – An Operations Manager feature that is installed on the Windows-based computers that you want to monitor. The agent collects data, compares sampled data to predefined values, creates alerts and runs responses. 1
  11. der Agent
    the agent
    – A helper bot for Windows Live Messenger that was developed on the Windows Live Agents platform. 1


  1. Agent
    the Agent
    – The MOM/SCE component installed on computers to perform management tasks on those computers. The agent communicates with the SCE Management Server, sending data from the managed computers to the Management Server and downloading data from the Management Server to the managed computer. 1

Übersetzung Matrix für Agent:

NounVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
Agent Agent
agent Agent Telefonist; Verkaufsvertreter; Vertreter
agents Agent; Zwischenperson Schlichter
manager Agent; Impresario Abteilungsleiter; Abteilungsleiterin; Anführer; Direktor; Führer; Geschäftsführer; Geschäftsführerin; Manager; Verwalter; Vorsitzender; leitender Verwaltungsangestellter
representative Agent; Geschäftsreisende; Vertreter Abgeordnete; Beauftragte; Delegierte; Gesandte; Redner; Repräsentant; Sprecher; Sprecherin; Stellvertretender; Stellvertreter; Unterhändler; Verkaufsvertreter; Vermittler; Vertreter; Wortführer; Wortführerin
salesman Agent; Geschäftsreisende; Vertreter
seller Agent; Geschäftsreisende; Vertreter Geschäftsinhaber; Geschäftsmann; Geschäftsmänner; Gewerbetreibende; Handelsmann; Handelsmänner; Händler; Kaufmann; Straßenhändler; Unternehmer
AdjectiveVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
representative repräsentativ; stellvertretend

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  1. one who acts in place of another

Cross Translation:
Agent agent; actor; policeman; cop; copper; constable; officer; police officer; operative agent — Celui, celle, ce qui agit.