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at the moment:

at the moment Adjektiv

  1. at the moment
    gerade; zur Zeit; jetzt

Übersetzung Matrix für at the moment:

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gerade at the moment a moment ago; accurate; accurately; conscientious; even; exact; fair; frank; honest; just; just now; lank; linear; meticulous; one minute ago; only; only just; open; precise; precisely; recently; right; sincere; standing; straight ahead; straight on; stringent; true; upright
jetzt at the moment at present; currently; in this moment; now; nowadays; on that moment; present; presently; right now
zur Zeit at the moment at present; in this moment; now; nowadays; presently

Wiktionary Übersetzungen für at the moment:

at the moment
  1. right now
at the moment
  1. in diesem Moment, jetzt
  2. adverbiell: jetzt, in diesem Moment

Cross Translation:
at the moment augenblicklich; Augenblick; momentan; Moment momentanément — Pour un moment, pendant un moment

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