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  1. come together:


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come together:

to come together Verb (comes together, came together, coming together)

  1. to come together (meet; assemble; gather)
    zusammenkommen; versammeln
    • zusammenkommen Verb (komme zusammen, kommst zusammen, kommt zusammen, kam zusammen, kamt zusammen, zusammengekommen)
    • versammeln Verb (versammele, versammelst, versammelt, versammelte, versammeltet, versammelt)
  2. to come together (enjoin; join)
    zusammenkommen; treffen; begegnen; zusammentreffen; tagen; vereinigen
    • zusammenkommen Verb (komme zusammen, kommst zusammen, kommt zusammen, kam zusammen, kamt zusammen, zusammengekommen)
    • treffen Verb (treffe, triffst, trifft, traf, traft, getroffen)
    • begegnen Verb (begegne, begegnest, begegnet, begegnete, begegnetet, begegnet)
    • zusammentreffen Verb (treffe zusammen, triffst zusammen, trifft zusammen, traf zusammen, trafet zusammen, zusammengetroffen)
    • tagen Verb (tage, tagst, tagt, tagte, tagtet, getagt)
    • vereinigen Verb (vereinige, vereinigst, vereinigt, vereinigte, vereinigtet, vereinigt)

Konjugationen für come together:

  1. come together
  2. come together
  3. comes together
  4. come together
  5. come together
  6. come together
simple past
  1. came together
  2. came together
  3. came together
  4. came together
  5. came together
  6. came together
present perfect
  1. have come together
  2. have come together
  3. has come together
  4. have come together
  5. have come together
  6. have come together
past continuous
  1. was coming together
  2. were coming together
  3. was coming together
  4. were coming together
  5. were coming together
  6. were coming together
  1. shall come together
  2. will come together
  3. will come together
  4. shall come together
  5. will come together
  6. will come together
continuous present
  1. am coming together
  2. are coming together
  3. is coming together
  4. are coming together
  5. are coming together
  6. are coming together
  1. be come together
  2. be come together
  3. be come together
  4. be come together
  5. be come together
  6. be come together
  1. come together!
  2. let's come together!
  3. come together
  4. coming together
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Übersetzung Matrix für come together:

VerbVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
begegnen come together; enjoin; join advance; approach; bang into; become acquainted; become acquainted with; bump into; come across; concede to; discover; find; get to know; handle; learn; make concessions to; make the acquaintance of; meet; run into; stumble across; treat
tagen come together; enjoin; join break; consider; dawn; deliberate; discuss; have a conference; have a meeting; hold session; meet; reflect; remind; send for; subpoena; summon; think it over; to meet in a conference
treffen come together; enjoin; join affect; bang into; be in luck; be lucky; bump into; concern; hit; hit someone; impress; influence; move; regard; run into; strike; strike someone; stumble across; touch
vereinigen come together; enjoin; join bridge; combine; connect; couple; join together; link; merge; unite
versammeln assemble; come together; gather; meet accumulate; amass; assemble; bank; collect; gather; gather together; glean; horde; pick up; put money in the bank; range; save; spare
zusammenkommen assemble; come together; enjoin; gather; join; meet see each other; to gather; visit
zusammentreffen come together; enjoin; join butt in; coincide; come between; converge; correspond; get together; intercede; interfere; interrupt; intervene; mediate; meet; meet each other; see each other; step in
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Synonyms for "come together":

Verwandte Definitionen für "come together":

  1. come together, as if in an embrace1

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