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  1. fullfilled:


Detailübersetzungen für fullfilled (Englisch) ins Deutsch


fullfilled Adjektiv

  1. fullfilled (satisfied; satiated; contented)

Übersetzung Matrix für fullfilled:

ModifierVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
befriedigt contented; fullfilled; satiated; satisfied full; sated; satisfied; stuffed
fröhlich contented; fullfilled; satiated; satisfied amusing; animated; as pleased as punch; attentive; blissful; bright; buoyant; busily engaged; bustling; busy; cheerful; clear; colorful; colourful; dependable; eager; eagre; ebullient; effusive; enchanted; engaged; enthusiastic; exuberant; felicitous; festive; fond of laughing; frisky; full of joy; funny; gay; given to laughter; glad; good natured; good-humored; good-humoured; good-tempered; happy; in good spirits; in high spirits; jolly; joyful; joyous; merry; mystified; neat; occupied; overjoyed; passionate; pleasant; pleased; reliable; safe; satisfied; spell bound; sunny; tidy; tied up; trusted; trustworthy; under enchantment; up; very glad; very happy; vibrant
gesättigt contented; fullfilled; satiated; satisfied full; sated; satisfied; stuffed
glücklich contented; fullfilled; satiated; satisfied auspicious; beneficial; bustling; cheerful; contented; exultant; fortunate; full of joy; gay; good-tempered; happy; in high spirits; jolly; lucky; merry; propitious; prosperous; successful
zufrieden contented; fullfilled; satiated; satisfied contented