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hang outside:

to hang outside Verb (hangs outside, hung outside, hanging outside)

  1. to hang outside (hang out)
    aushängen; ankommen; aufkommen; schlüpfen; auskommen; ergehen; eingestehen; münden; ausspielen; abschweifen; ausschweifen
    • aushängen Verb (hänge aus, hängst aus, hängt aus, hängte aus, hängtet aus, ausgehängt)
    • ankommen Verb (komme an, kommst an, kommt an, kam an, kamet an, angekommen)
    • aufkommen Verb (komme auf, kommst auf, kommt auf, kam auf, kamt auf, aufgekommen)
    • schlüpfen Verb (schlüpfe, schlüpfst, schlüpft, schlüpfte, schlüpftet, geschlüpft)
    • auskommen Verb (komme aus, kommst aus, kommt aus, kam aus, kamt aus, ausgekommen)
    • ergehen Verb (ergehe, ergehst, ergeht, erging, ergingt, ergangen)
    • eingestehen Verb (gestehe ein, gestehst ein, egesteht ein, gestand ein, gestandet ein, eingestanden)
    • münden Verb (münde, mündst, mündt, mündte, mündtet, gemündet)
    • ausspielen Verb (spiele aus, spielst aus, spielt aus, spielte aus, spieltet aus, ausgespielt)
    • abschweifen Verb (schweife ab, schweifst ab, schweift ab, schweifte ab, schweiftet ab, abgeschweift)
    • ausschweifen Verb (schweife aus, schweifst aus, schweift aus, schweifte aus, schweiftet aus, ausgeschweift)
  2. to hang outside (put outside)
    draußen aufhängen; hängen

Konjugationen für hang outside:

  1. hang outside
  2. hang outside
  3. hangs outside
  4. hang outside
  5. hang outside
  6. hang outside
simple past
  1. hung outside
  2. hung outside
  3. hung outside
  4. hung outside
  5. hung outside
  6. hung outside
present perfect
  1. have hung outside
  2. have hung outside
  3. has hung outside
  4. have hung outside
  5. have hung outside
  6. have hung outside
past continuous
  1. was hanging outside
  2. were hanging outside
  3. was hanging outside
  4. were hanging outside
  5. were hanging outside
  6. were hanging outside
  1. shall hang outside
  2. will hang outside
  3. will hang outside
  4. shall hang outside
  5. will hang outside
  6. will hang outside
continuous present
  1. am hanging outside
  2. are hanging outside
  3. is hanging outside
  4. are hanging outside
  5. are hanging outside
  6. are hanging outside
  1. be hung outside
  2. be hung outside
  3. be hung outside
  4. be hung outside
  5. be hung outside
  6. be hung outside
  1. hang outside!
  2. let's hang outside!
  3. hung outside
  4. hanging outside
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Übersetzung Matrix für hang outside:

VerbVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
abschweifen hang out; hang outside behave lecherously; behave like an animal
ankommen hang out; hang outside arrive; get through; pass
aufkommen hang out; hang outside be fulfilled; come in vogue; come true; occur to
aushängen hang out; hang outside display; exhibit; give notice of one's intended marriage; make public the notice of the intended marriage of; show
auskommen hang out; hang outside get by; get on; make do; make ends meet; manage; manage on; scrape along
ausschweifen hang out; hang outside behave lecherously; behave like an animal
ausspielen hang out; hang outside finish; obsess; play out; play up; play up in a cardgame; pull a muscle; strain a muscle; strike up; twist a muscle
draußen aufhängen hang outside; put outside
eingestehen hang out; hang outside accept; admit; agree; allow; authorise; authorize; concede; confess; give one's fiat to; grant; permit; submit to; tolerate; unburden oneself
ergehen hang out; hang outside finish with
hängen hang outside; put outside dangle; depend on; do nothing much; drape; float; hang; hang about; hang on; hang up; hover; lounge around; stand around; suspend from
münden hang out; hang outside arrive at; come; culminate; end in; end up; flow into; lead to; result in
schlüpfen hang out; hang outside sneak

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