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lank Adjektiv

  1. lank
    gerade; schlicht; glatthaarig
  2. lank (weedy; lanky)

Übersetzung Matrix für lank:

AdjectiveVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
- spindly
OtherVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
- lanky; limp; straggling
ModifierVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
gerade lank a moment ago; accurate; accurately; at the moment; conscientious; even; exact; fair; frank; honest; just; just now; linear; meticulous; one minute ago; only; only just; open; precise; precisely; recently; right; sincere; standing; straight ahead; straight on; stringent; true; upright
glatthaarig lank lank-haired; sleek-haired; smooth-haired
hager lank; lanky; weedy bony; emaciated; flimsy; lean; meager; meagre; miserable; poor; puny; rare; rarefied; shabby; skinny; slender; slim; spidery; spiky; teneous; thin; weedy
schlicht lank austere; considerate; demure; discreet; easily; easy; effortless; free; freely; frugal; grave; modest; not difficult; not hard; scanty; sedate; simple; sober; unaffected; uncomplicated; unpretentious; without pretentions
schmächtig lank; lanky; weedy delicate; emaciated; flimsy; gaunt; haggard; hollow; hollow-eyed; lean; meager; meagre; miserable; petite; poor; puny; rare; rarefied; rickety; shabby; skinny; slender; slender of figure; small-boned; spidery; spiky; staggering; starved; sunken; teneous; thin; toddling; tottering; unsettled; unstable; waddling; weedy
spindeldürr lank; lanky; weedy bony; emaciated; gaunt; haggard; hollow; hollow-eyed; skinny; slender; slim; spidery; spiky; starved; sunken; weedy

Verwandte Wörter für "lank":

  • lankness, lanker, lankest, lankly

Synonyms for "lank":

Verwandte Definitionen für "lank":

  1. long and lean1
  2. long and thin and often limp1
    • grown lank with fasting1
    • lank mousy hair1

Wiktionary Übersetzungen für lank:

  1. von zartem Körperbau

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