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to mobilize Verb, amerikanisch (mobilizes, mobilized, mobilzing)

  1. to mobilize (mobilise)
    mobilisieren; einsetzen; setzen; anfangen; bieten; einlassen; einlegen; einführen; hantieren; mobilmachen
    • mobilisieren Verb (mobilisiere, mobilisierst, mobilisiert, mobilisierte, mobilisiertet, mobilisiert)
    • einsetzen Verb (setze ein, setzt ein, setzte ein, setztet ein, eingesetzt)
    • setzen Verb (setze, setzt, setzte, setztet, gesetzt)
    • anfangen Verb (fange an, fängst an, fängt an, fing an, fingt an, angefangen)
    • bieten Verb (biete, bietest, bietet, bot, botet, geboten)
    • einlassen Verb (lasse ein, läßt ein, ließ ein, ließt ein, eingelassen)
    • einlegen Verb (lege ein, legst ein, legt ein, legte ein, legtet ein, eingelegt)
    • einführen Verb (b, führst ein, führt ein, führte ein, führtet ein, eingeführt)
    • hantieren Verb (hantiere, hantierst, hantiert, hantierte, hantiertet, hantiert)
    • mobilmachen Verb (mache mobil, machst mobil, macht mobil, machte mobil, machtet mobil, mobilgemacht)

Konjugationen für mobilize:

  1. mobilize
  2. mobilize
  3. mobilizes
  4. mobilize
  5. mobilize
  6. mobilize
simple past
  1. mobilized
  2. mobilized
  3. mobilized
  4. mobilized
  5. mobilized
  6. mobilized
present perfect
  1. have mobilized
  2. have mobilized
  3. has mobilized
  4. have mobilized
  5. have mobilized
  6. have mobilized
past continuous
  1. was mobilzing
  2. were mobilzing
  3. was mobilzing
  4. were mobilzing
  5. were mobilzing
  6. were mobilzing
  1. shall mobilize
  2. will mobilize
  3. will mobilize
  4. shall mobilize
  5. will mobilize
  6. will mobilize
continuous present
  1. am mobilzing
  2. are mobilzing
  3. is mobilzing
  4. are mobilzing
  5. are mobilzing
  6. are mobilzing
  1. be mobilized
  2. be mobilized
  3. be mobilized
  4. be mobilized
  5. be mobilized
  6. be mobilized
  1. mobilize!
  2. let's mobilize!
  3. mobilized
  4. mobilzing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Übersetzung Matrix für mobilize:

VerbVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
anfangen mobilise; mobilize be off; begin; break into; commence; enter into; get under way; introduce; introduce somebody to; open; set in; set in motion; set up; start; start to; strike up; take off; take on; take upon oneself; undertake
bieten mobilise; mobilize give; hand; offer; pass
einführen mobilise; mobilize adjust; fit in; have influence; have something to say; import; initiate; introduce; introduce somebody to; open; prepare; set; start; start off
einlassen mobilise; mobilize allow; allow in; come in; enter; get in; go in; go inside; go into; lead in; let flow in; let in; open to; show in; stream in
einlegen mobilise; mobilize can; conserve; fit in; insert; keep; marinade; mount; pickle; place in between; preserve; put in between; salt; season; souse; spice; tin
einsetzen mobilise; mobilize adjust; administer; adopt; apply; apply yourself; appoint; arrange; avail oneself of; be off; begin; bet; bet on; commence; employ; enforce; engage; establish; feed in; filter in; get under way; handle; implement; inaugurate; initiate; insert; instal; install; institute; introduce; introduce somebody to; join the traffic; make use of; nominate; place in between; practice; practise; put in between; set; set in; set in motion; set up; show enthusiasm; show willingness; start; start to; station; strike up; take; take off; take on; undertake; use; utilise; utilize; wager
hantieren mobilise; mobilize administer; adopt; apply; avail oneself of; employ; enforce; engage; handle; implement; make use of; practice; practise; take; use; utilise; utilize
mobilisieren mobilise; mobilize
mobilmachen mobilise; mobilize
setzen mobilise; mobilize bet with shares; bring down; build; bulge out; conjecture; decline; deposit; drop; erect; establish; fall; lay; laydown; make a move; move over; place; put down; raise; regress; sag; set; set down; set up; settle down; sink; sit down; situate; speculate; station; take down; take your seat; tumble; waining
- call up; circulate; marshal; marshall; mobilise; rally; summon

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Verwandte Definitionen für "mobilize":

  1. cause to move around1
  2. make ready for action or use1
  3. get ready for war1
  4. call to arms; of military personnel1