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on the spot:

on the spot adv

  1. on the spot (immediate; at once; then and there; right now)

Übersetzung Matrix für on the spot:

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fristlos at once; immediate; on the spot; right now; then and there

Verwandte Definitionen für "on the spot":

  1. without delay or immediately1
    • we hired her on the spot1
    • thought they were going to shoot us down on the spot1
  2. at the place in question; there1
    • they were on the spot when it happened1
    • it had to be decided by the man on the spot1
  3. in a difficult situation1
    • that question really put him on the spot1

Wiktionary Übersetzungen für on the spot:

Cross Translation:
on the spot sofort; unverzüglich sur-le-champ — Sur l’heure même, sans délai

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