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sickly Adjektiv

  1. sickly (nauseous; sick; nasty)
    übel; eklig; widerlich; schlecht; ekelhaft
  2. sickly (lingering; languishing)
    schwach; matt; hinfällig
  3. sickly (ailing; in bad health)
    ungesund; kränklich

Übersetzung Matrix für sickly:

AdjectiveVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
- ailing; indisposed; peaked; poorly; sallow; seedy; under the weather; unwell
OtherVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
- nauseating; repulsive; yucky
ModifierVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
ekelhaft nasty; nauseous; sick; sickly abhorrent; banal; below the belt; churlish; coarse; dirty; disgusting; distasteful; dowdy; filthy; gross; grubby; gruesome; heinous; horrible; loathsome; nasty; obnoxious; putrefied; putrid; rancid; repellant; repellent; repelling; repugnant; repulsive; revolting; rotten; shabby; shocking; shoddy; sickening; sloppy; slovenly; sordid; trite; trivial; unmannerly; unpalatable; unsavory; unsavoury; vapid; vulgar
eklig nasty; nauseous; sick; sickly dirty; disgusting; distasteful; filthy; forbidding; gruesome; heinous; loathsome; putrefied; putrid; rancid; repelling; repugnant; repulsive; revolting; shocking; sickening; sordid; unappetising; unappetizing; unpalatable; unsavory; unsavoury
hinfällig languishing; lingering; sickly abstemious; clumsy; delicate; dilapidated; doltish; faint; feeble; flimsy; fragile; frail; gawky; inferior; lean; long in the tooth; miserable; not very good; owlish; pale; poor; ragged; ramshackle; rickety; ruinous; seedy; shabby; sick; stiff; tender; thin; uneasy; unhandy; unsightly; vulnerable; wan; weak; wobbly; wonky; wooden
kränklich ailing; in bad health; sickly abstemious; ailing; clumsy; delicate; doltish; faint; feeble; fragile; frail; gawky; having one's period; maladroit; meager; meagre; menstruating; not very good; owlish; pale; poor; puny; ragged; ramshackle; rickety; sick; skinny; stiff; tender; thin; uneasy; unhandy; vulnerable; wan; weak; wobbly; wonky; wooden
matt languishing; lingering; sickly bland; dawdling; dim; dragging; drained; drooping; dull; dully; dusted; faded; faint; feeble; flat; frail; frosted; inactive; indolent; inert; languid; lazy; limp; lingering; listless; lurid; mat; matt; matted; misty; pale; passive; powdered; ragged; ramshackle; rickety; sallow; shuffling; sick; slow; slow of understanding; sluggish; tardy; wan; washed out; weak; wobbly; wonky
schlecht nasty; nauseous; sick; sickly bad; badly; base; come off badly; corrupt; defective; degenerate; depraved; evil-minded; false; inferior; lacking; low; macabre; malicious; mean; minor; miserable; misplaced; naseaus; nasty; out of place; perverted; poor; putrefied; ragged; ramshackle; rickety; rotten; secondary; shady; sinister; spooky; subordinate; unsound; vicious; villainous; with evil intention; wobbly; wonky; worst; wretched
schwach languishing; lingering; sickly backward; base; delicate; demented; dim; dizy; dull; faint; feeble; feeble-minded; fragile; frail; inferior; low; mean; mediocre; mentally retarded; nasty; not bad; not high; not solid; not substantial; not very good; pale; poor; ragged; ramshackle; rare; rarefied; rickety; shadowy; sick; simple; stupid; tender; teneous; villainous; vulnerable; wan; weak; wobbly; wonky
ungesund ailing; in bad health; sickly health damaging; insanitary; unhealthy; unwholesome
widerlich nasty; nauseous; sick; sickly bald; churlish; cunning; dirty; disgusting; dowdy; filthy; forbidding; ghastly; grubby; gruesome; heinous; hideous; horrible; icy; immoral; lack of moral; loathsome; monstrous; obscene; ominous; plain; putrefied; putrid; rancid; repellant; repellent; repelling; repugnant; repulsive; revolting; shoddy; sickening; sinister; sleek; slippery; slithery; sloppy; slovenly; smooth; smoothly; sordid; ugly; ugly as hell; ugly as sin; unappetising; unappetizing; unattractive; unsavory; unsavoury
übel nasty; nauseous; sick; sickly angry; bad; badly; enraged; evil-minded; false; having one's period; irate; livid; low; malicious; mean; menstruating; nasty; seething; vicious; wicked; with evil intention

Verwandte Wörter für "sickly":

  • sicklier, sickliest

Synonyms for "sickly":

Verwandte Definitionen für "sickly":

  1. unhealthy looking1
  2. somewhat ill or prone to illness1
    • a sickly child1

Wiktionary Übersetzungen für sickly:

  1. frequently ill
  2. having the appearance of sickness
  3. weak, faint
Cross Translation:
sickly kränkelnd ziekelijk — geneigd om vaak ziek te zijn

Verwandte Übersetzungen für sickly