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  1. standing-on:


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standing-on Adjektiv

  1. standing-on (firm; stiff; staunch)

Übersetzung Matrix für standing-on:

ModifierVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
beharrlich firm; standing-on; staunch; stiff persistent
beständig firm; standing-on; staunch; stiff constant; continual; continuous; lasting; persistent; stable; steady
dauerhaft firm; standing-on; staunch; stiff consistent; constant; continual; continuous; durable; everlasting; firm; lasting; reliable; solid; sound; stable; staunch; steady; stout; substantial
eisern firm; standing-on; staunch; stiff cast-iron; deafening; headstrong; iron; loud; made of iron; muscular; obstinate; persistent; punish; severe; solid; stiff; stiff-necked; stout; strong; stubborn; sturdy; well built; wilful; willful
sicher firm; standing-on; staunch; stiff absolutely; accurate; accurately; actually; as clear as plain day-light; as plain as day; assertive; bright; careful; certain; certainly; certainly yes; clarifying; clear; clear as daylight; clear-cut; conscientious; cooked; decided; decisive; definitely; determined; discernible; distinct; done; estimated; evident; exact; factually; firm; fixed; flagrant; genuinely; identifiable; in flagrante delicto; indeed; infallible; luminous; manifest; meticulous; most certainly; obvious; of course; persistent; positive; positively; precise; rated; really; recognisable; recognizable; red-handed; resolute; safe; secure; self-confident; sure; sure and certain; surely; transparent; truly; truthfully; unambiguous; undoubted; undoubtedly; unequivocal; unflinching; unmistakable; without danger; without risk
standhaft firm; standing-on; staunch; stiff persistent; rigid; stiff; wooden
unerschütterlich firm; standing-on; staunch; stiff dry-eyed; impassive; imperturbable; persistent; rigid; stiff; unaffected; unmoved; wooden

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