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think over:

to think over Verb (thinks over, thought over, thinking over)

  1. to think over (consider)
    abwägen; veranschlagen; überschlagen; ausmachen; schätzen; bestimmen; ermessen; taxieren
    • abwägen Verb (wäge ab, wägst ab, wägt ab, wägte ab, wägtet ab, abgewägt)
    • veranschlagen Verb (veranschlage, veranschlägst, veränschagt, veranschlug, veranschlugt, verangeschlagen)
    • überschlagen Verb (überschlage, überschlägst, überschlägt, überschlug, überschlugt, übergeschlagen)
    • ausmachen Verb (mache aus, machst aus, macht aus, machte aus, machtet aus, ausgemacht)
    • schätzen Verb (schätze, schätzest, schätzt, schätzte, schätztet, geschätzt)
    • bestimmen Verb (bestimme, bestimmst, bestimmt, bestimmte, bestimmtet, bestimmt)
    • ermessen Verb (ermesse, ermißt, ermaß, ermaßt, ermessen)
    • taxieren Verb (taxiere, taxierst, taxiert, taxierte, taxiertet, taxiert)
  2. to think over (think out)
    überdenken; überlegen; bedenken; durchdenken
    • überdenken Verb (überdenke, überdenkst, überdenkt, überdacht, überdachtet, überdacht)
    • überlegen Verb (überlege, überlegst, überlegt, überlegte, überlegtet, überlegt)
    • bedenken Verb (bedenke, bedenkst, bedenkt, bedacht, bedachtet, bedacht)

Konjugationen für think over:

  1. think over
  2. think over
  3. thinks over
  4. think over
  5. think over
  6. think over
simple past
  1. thought over
  2. thought over
  3. thought over
  4. thought over
  5. thought over
  6. thought over
present perfect
  1. have thought over
  2. have thought over
  3. has thought over
  4. have thought over
  5. have thought over
  6. have thought over
past continuous
  1. was thinking over
  2. were thinking over
  3. was thinking over
  4. were thinking over
  5. were thinking over
  6. were thinking over
  1. shall think over
  2. will think over
  3. will think over
  4. shall think over
  5. will think over
  6. will think over
continuous present
  1. am thinking over
  2. are thinking over
  3. is thinking over
  4. are thinking over
  5. are thinking over
  6. are thinking over
  1. be thought over
  2. be thought over
  3. be thought over
  4. be thought over
  5. be thought over
  6. be thought over
  1. think over!
  2. let's think over!
  3. thought over
  4. thinking over
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Übersetzung Matrix für think over:

VerbVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
abwägen consider; think over consider; deliberate; discuss; have a conference; hold session; meet; reflect; think it over; weigh; weigh carefully
ausmachen consider; think over advise; agree; agree on; arrange; break up; concur; determine; disconnect; establish; extinguish; identify; keep an eye on; make out; matter; observe; put out; set out; spectate; suggest; switch off; turn off; turn out; watch
bedenken think out; think over consider; regard; remember; think it over; think out
bestimmen consider; think over advise; bring to a close; call; come to an end; decide; decorate; define; determine; discern; distinguish from each other; end; establish; finish; give notice of; identify; outline; proclaim; state precisely; stop; suggest; terminate; wind up
durchdenken think out; think over
ermessen consider; think over advise; suggest
schätzen consider; think over accuse; advise; appreciate; assess; believe; believe in; blame; calculate; commend higly; conjecture; devise; discredit; esteem; esteem highly; estimate; extol; guess; have a high regard for; hold against; hold in great esteem; laud; postulate; praise; presume; presuppose; rebuke; reprimand; reproach; respect; speculate; suggest; suppose; surmise; throw heaps of praise upon; value highly
taxieren consider; think over advise; assess; calculate; compute; devise; estimate; evaluate; rate; suggest; tax; work out
veranschlagen consider; think over advise; calculate; compute; draw up; estimate; evaluate; figure out; rate; suggest; tax; value; work out
überdenken think out; think over consider; contemplate; do some hard thinking; meditate on; muse on; ponder on; reflect; reflect on; regard; think better of it; think it over; think out; weigh up
überlegen think out; think over brood; cogitate; consider; contemplate; meditate on; muse; muse on; ponder; ponder on; reflect; reflect on; regard; think; think it over; think out; wonder
überschlagen consider; think over advise; calculate; draw up; figure out; miss out; pass over; suggest; value
ModifierVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
überlegen covered; equal to

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