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to thump Verb (thumps, thumped, thumping)

  1. to thump (bang; hammer)
    schlagen; hämmern; rammen; hauen
    • schlagen Verb (schlage, schlägst, schlägt, schlug, schlugt, geschlagen)
    • hämmern Verb (hämmre, hämmerst, hämmert, hämmerte, hämmertet, gehämmert)
    • rammen Verb (ramme, rammst, rammt, rammte, rammtet, gerammt)
    • hauen Verb (haue, haust, haut, hieb, hiebt, gehauen)
  2. to thump (punch; push)
    stoßen; puffen; knuffen
    • stoßen Verb (stoße, stößt, stieß, stießt, gestoßen)
    • puffen Verb (puffe, puffst, pufft, puffte, pufftet, gepufft)
    • knuffen Verb

Konjugationen für thump:

  1. thump
  2. thump
  3. thumps
  4. thump
  5. thump
  6. thump
simple past
  1. thumped
  2. thumped
  3. thumped
  4. thumped
  5. thumped
  6. thumped
present perfect
  1. have thumped
  2. have thumped
  3. has thumped
  4. have thumped
  5. have thumped
  6. have thumped
past continuous
  1. was thumping
  2. were thumping
  3. was thumping
  4. were thumping
  5. were thumping
  6. were thumping
  1. shall thump
  2. will thump
  3. will thump
  4. shall thump
  5. will thump
  6. will thump
continuous present
  1. am thumping
  2. are thumping
  3. is thumping
  4. are thumping
  5. are thumping
  6. are thumping
  1. be thumped
  2. be thumped
  3. be thumped
  4. be thumped
  5. be thumped
  6. be thumped
  1. thump!
  2. let's thump!
  3. thumped
  4. thumping
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

thump [the ~] Nomen

  1. the thump (crash; boom; smack; )
    der Bums; der Knall; der Krach; der Plumps; der Schuß; der Fall
  2. the thump (bump; thud)
    der Stoß; der Krach; der Schlag; der Knall; der Bums

Übersetzung Matrix für thump:

NounVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
Bums bang; blast; boom; bump; crash; smack; thud; thump blow; buffer; bump; bumper; clout; jab; nudge; punch; push; shove; thrust; wallop; whopper
Fall bang; blast; boom; bump; crash; smack; thud; thump bust-up; case; collapse; crash; destruction; disadvantage; downfall; drawback; issue; opinion; point of view; position; problem; problematical case; question; ruin; sagging; slump; smash; standpoint; view
Knall bang; blast; boom; bump; crash; smack; thud; thump bang; boom; crack; detonation; explosion; pop
Krach bang; blast; boom; bump; crash; smack; thud; thump argument; cabal; clamor; clamour; conflict; crash; difference of opinion; din; disagreement; discord; disorder; dispute; disturbance; hubbub; hullabaloo; hum; interference; movement; noise; quarrel; racket; roar; row; rumor; rumour; rumpus; struggle; trouble; tumult; tumultuousness; wrestle
Plumps bang; blast; boom; bump; crash; smack; thud; thump splash
Schlag bump; thud; thump bellbottomed trouser leg; blow; bolt; buffer; bump; bumper; caretaker; clap of thunder; clout; doorkeeper; flare; flash of lightning; hall porter; jab; janitor; knock; loose-fitting leg; nudge; pigeon house; punch; push; shove; slap; smack; species; streak; thrust; thunderbolt; wallop; whopper
Schuß bang; blast; boom; bump; crash; smack; thud; thump bang; boom; crack; cutting; dash; detonation; explosion; little dashes; pop; shoot; shot; splash; sprig; sprout; squeeze
Stoß bump; thud; thump accumulation; argument; bang; blow; boot; buffer; bump; bumper; bumping into; colliding with; conflict; crashing into; difference of opinion; disagreement; discord; dispute; heap; jab; kick; kicking; load; nudge; pile; piling up; punch; push; quarrel; row; shake; shove; slap; swim stroke; thrust
- clump; clunk; thud; thumping
VerbVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
hauen bang; hammer; thump bang; batter; beat; chop down; cudgel; cut down; drub; fell; hammer; hit; kick; pound; slap; smack; smash; step; strike; thwack; wallop
hämmern bang; hammer; thump bang; brush against; bump against; call; drive in nails; drum; drum into a person's head; ground; hammer; hit; nail; nail down; persevere; persist; pound; ring; slap; smack; spike; stamp in; tinkle
knuffen punch; push; thump
puffen punch; push; thump
rammen bang; hammer; thump bang; collide with; drive; drive piles; hammer; hit; pound; ram; slap; smack
schlagen bang; hammer; thump affect; bang; batter; battle with; beat; belt; cleave; clip; combat; concern; contest; cut; drive; drive in nails; drive piles; fight; gain; hammer; hew through; hit; hit out hard; move; nail; nail down; plonk; pluck strings; pound; punch; quarrel; ram; scrap; scuffle; slap; smack; smash; spike; strike; touch; turn cartwheels; win
stoßen punch; push; thump bang into; bump into; bump up against; collide; crash; dig; give a push; jab; kick; kick hard; lead straight; nudge; poke; prod; push; push on; push to; shake; step; tremble
- beat; poke; pound; thud

Verwandte Wörter für "thump":

Synonyms for "thump":

Verwandte Definitionen für "thump":

  1. a heavy blow with the hand1
  2. a heavy dull sound (as made by impact of heavy objects)1
  3. hit hard with the hand, fist, or some heavy instrument1
    • a bible-thumping Southern Baptist1
  4. move rhythmically1
  5. make a dull sound1

Wiktionary Übersetzungen für thump:

  1. Periodische Bewegung, die ein rhythmisches Geräusch entfaltet.