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refer to:

to refer to Verb (refers to, referring to, referring to)

  1. to refer to (direct; address)
    verweisen; hinweisen; überweisen; ausschicken; weisen; senden; einweisen; lenken; leiten; geleiten; schicken; führen; hinüberschicken; herüberschicken
    • verweisen Verb (verweise, verweiset, verwies, verwiest, verwiesen)
    • hinweisen Verb (weise hin, weist hin, wies hin, wiest hin, hingewiesen)
    • überweisen Verb (überweise, überweisest, überweist, überwies, überwieset, überwiesen)
    • ausschicken Verb (schicke aus, schickst aus, schickt aus, schickte aus, schicktet aus, ausgeschickt)
    • weisen Verb (weise, weist, wiest, gewiesen)
    • senden Verb (sende, sendest, sendet, sendete, sendetet, gesendet)
    • einweisen Verb (weise ein, weist ein, wies ein, wiest ein, eingewiesen)
    • lenken Verb (lenke, lenkst, lenkt, lenkte, lenktet, gelenkt)
    • leiten Verb (leite, leitst, leitt, leitte, leittet, geleitet)
    • geleiten Verb (geleite, geleitest, geleitet, geleitete, geleitetet, geleitet)
    • schicken Verb (schicke, schickst, schickt, schickte, schicktet, geschickt)
    • führen Verb (führe, führst, führt, führte, führtet, geführt)
    • hinüberschicken Verb (schicke hinüber, schickst hinüber, schickt hinüber, schickte hinüber, schicktet hinüber, hinübergeschickt)
    • herüberschicken Verb (schicke herüber, schickst herüber, schickt herüber, schickte herüber, schicktet herüber, herübergeschickt)
  2. to refer to (direct)

Konjugationen für refer to:

  1. refer to
  2. refer to
  3. refers to
  4. refer to
  5. refer to
  6. refer to
simple past
  1. referring to
  2. referring to
  3. referring to
  4. referring to
  5. referring to
  6. referring to
present perfect
  1. have referring to
  2. have referring to
  3. has referring to
  4. have referring to
  5. have referring to
  6. have referring to
past continuous
  1. was referring to
  2. were referring to
  3. was referring to
  4. were referring to
  5. were referring to
  6. were referring to
  1. shall refer to
  2. will refer to
  3. will refer to
  4. shall refer to
  5. will refer to
  6. will refer to
continuous present
  1. am referring to
  2. are referring to
  3. is referring to
  4. are referring to
  5. are referring to
  6. are referring to
  1. be referring to
  2. be referring to
  3. be referring to
  4. be referring to
  5. be referring to
  6. be referring to
  1. refer to!
  2. let's refer to!
  3. referring to
  4. referred to
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Übersetzung Matrix für refer to:

VerbVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
ausschicken address; direct; refer to
einweisen address; direct; refer to accept; agree; allow; brief; bring down; explain; inform; instruct; introduce; learn; permit; prepare; take down; teach; train
führen address; direct; refer to adjust; arrange; be fulfilled; be in command of; come true; command; coordinate; culminate; direct; end in; guide; index; lead; lead about; lead to; order; organise; organize; point the direction; preside; result in; show around; swipe; take the lead
geleiten address; direct; refer to accompany; chaperon; come along with; conduct; escort; lead about; show around; walk along
herüberschicken address; direct; refer to deposit; remit; send; transfer
hinweisen address; direct; refer to call attention to; draw attention to; indicate; inform; instil; instill; make known; point; point out; show; signal; tell
hinweisen auf direct; refer to
hinüberschicken address; direct; refer to
leiten address; direct; refer to arrange; be in command of; command; coordinate; direct; guide; lead; order; organise; organize; point the direction; preside; take the lead
lenken address; direct; refer to arrange; be at the wheel; be in command of; change one's tack; command; coordinate; direct; drive; drive horses; exercise authority; exert power; fly a machine; fly an aeroplane; go overboard for; guide; lead; navigate; operate; order; organise; organize; point the direction; preside; reign; ride; rule; steer; tack; take the lead
schicken address; direct; refer to be customary; be proper; become; get through; hear; pass; send
senden address; direct; refer to bring; cable; deliver; deliver to the door; dispense; email; emanate; emit; exude; give; hand over; hand over to; leave; mail; make a signal; order; provide; send; send out; ship; signal; supply; telegraph; wire
verweisen address; direct; refer to accuse; admonish; bear a grudge; bear malice; blame; blame someone of; castigate; chide; decry; denounce; discredit; exhort; harbour a grudge; hold against; hold it against s.o.; rancor; rancour; rebuke; refer; remove; reprimand; reproach; reprove; resent; scarify; warn
verweisen auf direct; refer to
weisen address; direct; refer to
überweisen address; direct; refer to deposit; deposit into account; remit; send; transfer
OtherVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
- submit to

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