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worry [the ~] Nomen

  1. the worry (concern; anxiety; uneasiness; alarm)
    die Besorgnis; die Besorgtheit
  2. the worry (nursing; care; provision; )
    die Versorgung; die Sorge; die Pflege; die Betreuung; die Krankenpflege; die Fürsorge; die Einrichtung
  3. the worry
  4. the worry
    die Grübelei; die Plackerei; die Mühe; Mühsal

to worry Verb (worries, worried, worrying)

  1. to worry (bother; fret; brood; mope)
    grübeln; nachdenken; brüten; hin und her überlegen
    • grübeln Verb (grüble, grübelst, grübelt, grübelte, grübeltet, gegrübelt)
    • nachdenken Verb (denke nach, denkst nach, denkt nach, dachte nach, dachten nach, nachgedacht)
    • brüten Verb (brüte, brütest, brütet, brütete, brütetet, gebrütet)
    • hin und her überlegen Verb (überlege hin und her, überlegst hin und her, überlegt hin und her, überlegte hin und her, überlegtet hin und her, hin und her überlegt)
  2. to worry (apprehend; fear; dread; be uneasy)
  3. to worry (fret; brood)

Konjugationen für worry:

  1. worry
  2. worry
  3. worries
  4. worry
  5. worry
  6. worry
simple past
  1. worried
  2. worried
  3. worried
  4. worried
  5. worried
  6. worried
present perfect
  1. have worried
  2. have worried
  3. has worried
  4. have worried
  5. have worried
  6. have worried
past continuous
  1. was worrying
  2. were worrying
  3. was worrying
  4. were worrying
  5. were worrying
  6. were worrying
  1. shall worry
  2. will worry
  3. will worry
  4. shall worry
  5. will worry
  6. will worry
continuous present
  1. am worrying
  2. are worrying
  3. is worrying
  4. are worrying
  5. are worrying
  6. are worrying
  1. be worried
  2. be worried
  3. be worried
  4. be worried
  5. be worried
  6. be worried
  1. worry!
  2. let's worry!
  3. worried
  4. worrying
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Übersetzung Matrix für worry:

NounVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
Besorgnis alarm; anxiety; concern; uneasiness; worry
Besorgtheit alarm; anxiety; concern; uneasiness; worry
Betreuung care; concern; maintenance; nursing; provision; service; worry care; nursing; provision; service
Einrichtung care; concern; maintenance; nursing; provision; service; worry arrangement; badge; bureau; classification; decoration; disposition; funny farm; furnishing; home; insignia; loony bin; madhouse; mark; marshalling; mental home; mental hospital; mental institution; nut-house; office; organisation; organization; position; ranging
Fürsorge care; concern; maintenance; nursing; provision; service; worry aid; assistance; benefit; dole; help; helpfulness; relief; social assistance; social care; social security; supplementary benefit; support; unemployment benefit; welfare
Grübelei worry brooding; contemplation; deep-thinking; meditation; pondering; reflection; reverie; thought
Kopfzerbrechen worry brain-racking; worries
Krankenpflege care; concern; maintenance; nursing; provision; service; worry nursing; nursing care
Mühe worry bother; distress; fuss; grief; hassle; mess; misery; pain; pains; sadness; sorrow; strain
Mühsal worry
Pflege care; concern; maintenance; nursing; provision; service; worry nursing
Plackerei worry bad job; drudgery; hellish job; horrible job
Sorge care; concern; maintenance; nursing; provision; service; worry care; daily pursuit; daily worry; discomforts; misery; nursing; precaution; problems; provision; service; troubles
Versorgung care; concern; maintenance; nursing; provision; service; worry care; facility; furnishing; maintenance; nursing; procurement; providing; provision; service; supply; upkeep
- concern; headache; trouble; vexation
VerbVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
besorgt sein apprehend; be uneasy; dread; fear; worry to worry
brüten bother; brood; fret; mope; worry be brewing; break one's head; contemplate; do jigsaw puzzles; hatch out; meditate on; muse; muse on; ponder on; puzzle; reflect on; solve crossword puzzles
grübeln bother; brood; fret; mope; worry be indecised; break one's head; brood; brood over; cogitate; consider; contemplate; defer; delay; deter; do jigsaw puzzles; doubt; hesitate; linger; meditate on; muse; muse on; nurse a grievance; ponder; ponder on; pout; procrastinate; put off; puzzle; question; reflect; reflect on; solve crossword puzzles; sulk; tarry; think; think hard; vacillate; waver; wonder; worry about
hin und her überlegen bother; brood; fret; mope; worry do jigsaw puzzles; puzzle; solve crossword puzzles
in Sorge seein apprehend; be uneasy; dread; fear; worry
nachdenken bother; brood; fret; mope; worry brood; cogitate; consider; contemplate; devise; do jigsaw puzzles; do some hard thinking; lay schemes; make plans; meditate on; muse; muse on; philosophise; philosophize; plan; plot; ponder; ponder on; puzzle; reflect; reflect on; solve crossword puzzles; think; think better of it; wonder
sich abmühen brood; fret; worry drudge; go out of one's way; put oneself out; slave; slave away; step up; work hard; work oneself to the bone; work to pieces
sich abquälen brood; fret; worry
- care; concern; interest; occupy; vex
OtherVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
- frighten; mind; trouble

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Verwandte Definitionen für "worry":

  1. something or someone that causes anxiety; a source of unhappiness1
    • it's a major worry1
  2. a strong feeling of anxiety1
    • his worry over the prospect of being fired1
    • it is not work but worry that kills1
  3. touch or rub constantly1
    • The old man worried his beads1
  4. lacerate by biting1
    • the dog worried his bone1
  5. disturb the peace of mind of; afflict with mental agitation or distress1
    • I cannot sleep--my daughter's health is worrying me1
  6. be concerned with1
    • I worry about my grades1
  7. be worried, concerned, anxious, troubled, or uneasy1
    • I worry about my job1
  8. be on the mind of1
    • I worry about the second Germanic consonant shift1

Wiktionary Übersetzungen für worry:

  1. disturb the peace of mind of
  2. be troubled
  1. strong feeling of anxiety
  1. bedrückendes Gefühl der Unruhe, durch eine unangenehme und/oder gefahrvolle Situation hervorgerufen
  2. Sorgegefühl beziehungsweise Niedergeschlagenheit
  1. (reflexiv) um etwas/jemanden, wegen etwas/jemandem: sich ernsthaft Gedanken machen zu etwas/jemandem
  2. jemanden in Angst versetzen
  3. reflexiv: vor etwas Angst, Furcht haben

Cross Translation:
worry grübeln; brüten tobben — zich ergens zorgen over maken
worry Besorgnis bezorgdheid — bekommering wegens iets dat al of niet zal of kan gebeuren
worry ärgern; bekümmern; betrüben; kränken; Kummer bereiten; verdrießen; quälen chagriner — Causer du chagrin, rendre triste.
worry Schererei; Klemme; Patsche; Tinte; Zoff emmerde — populaire|fr terme|souvent au pluriel situation ou affaire délicate qui provoque de l’inquiétude, de l’angoisse ou de la contrariété.
worry Ärgernis; Plage; Scheiße; Schererei; Klemme; Patsche; Tinte emmerdement — populaire|fr situation particulièrement fastidieuse ou lassante.
worry unruhig; Sorge inquiéter — Rendre inquiet
worry beängstigen; beunruhigen préoccuperoccuper fortement l’esprit, l’absorber tout entier.
worry Sorge se faire du mauvais sang — (familier, fr) s’inquiéter, se faire du souci.
worry Sorge; Besorgnis souci — (Nom commun 1)
worry Sorgen; Ärger tracas — Souci, peine, fatigue.

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