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  1. be liberated:


Detailed Synonyms for be liberated in Englisch

be liberated:

to be liberated Verb (is liberated, being liberated)

  1. to be liberated
    to release; to be liberated; to be freed from
  2. to be liberated
    to fall vacant; to get off; to come out; to be liberated; to be freed from
    • fall vacant Verb (falls vacant, fell vacant, falling vacant)
    • get off Verb (gets off, got off, getting off)
    • come out Verb (comes out, came out, coming out)
    • be liberated Verb (is liberated, being liberated)
    • be freed from Verb (is freed from, being freed from)

Konjugationen für be liberated:

  1. am liberated
  2. are liberated
  3. is liberated
  4. are liberated
  5. are liberated
  6. are liberated
present perfect
  1. have been liberated
  2. have been liberated
  3. has been liberated
  4. have been liberated
  5. have been liberated
  6. have been liberated
past continuous
  1. was being liberated
  2. were being liberated
  3. was being liberated
  4. were being liberated
  5. were being liberated
  6. were being liberated
  1. shall be liberated
  2. will be liberated
  3. will be liberated
  4. shall be liberated
  5. will be liberated
  6. will be liberated
continuous present
  1. am being liberated
  2. are being liberated
  3. is being liberated
  4. are being liberated
  5. are being liberated
  6. are being liberated
  1. be been liberated
  2. be been liberated
  3. be been liberated
  4. be been liberated
  5. be been liberated
  6. be been liberated
  1. be liberated!
  2. let's be liberated!
  3. been liberated
  4. being liberated
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

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