Detailed Synonyms for excellent in Englisch


excellent Adjektiv

  1. excellent
    excellent; perfect; first-rate; consummate; superb; tiptop
  2. excellent
    high-quality; excellent; perfect; first-rate; superb; tiptop
  3. excellent
    marvellous; fantastic; fabulous; phenomenal; extraordinary; smashing; great; excellent; terrific; prodigious; top-notch; splendid; tremendous; first-rate; grand; marvelous
  4. excellent
    excellent; sublime; first-rate; superb; perfect; terrific; tiptop; great; choice
  5. excellent
    ideal; perfect; excellent; thorough; consummate; first-rate; tiptop; superb
  6. excellent
    magnificent; excellent; splendid; wonderful; superb
  7. excellent
    excellent; splendid; fine
  8. excellent
    very good; excellent
  9. excellent
    – very good;of the highest quality 1
    excellent; splendid; first-class; fantabulous
    – very good;of the highest quality 1

Verwandte Wörter für "excellent":

  • excellently

Alternate Synonyms for "excellent":

Verwandte Definitionen für "excellent":

  1. very good;of the highest quality1
    • made an excellent speech1
    • the school has excellent teachers1

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