Detailed Synonyms for magnificent in Englisch


magnificent Adjektiv

  1. magnificent
    magnificent; wonderful; dazzling; exquisite; glorious; brilliant; splendid; glittering
  2. magnificent
  3. magnificent
    magnificent; excellent; splendid; wonderful; superb
  4. magnificent
    exquisite; splendid; magnificent; glorious; wonderful
  5. magnificent
    – characterized by grandeur 1
    splendid; magnificent; brilliant; glorious
    – characterized by grandeur 1
    • splendid Adjektiv
      • the splendid coronation ceremony1
    • magnificent Adjektiv
      • magnificent cathedrals1
    • brilliant Adjektiv
      • the brilliant court life at Versailles1
    • glorious Adjektiv
      • a glorious work of art1

Verwandte Wörter für "magnificent":

  • magnificently

Alternate Synonyms for "magnificent":

Verwandte Definitionen für "magnificent":

  1. characterized by grandeur1
    • magnificent cathedrals1

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