Detailed Synonyms for joy in Englisch


joy [the ~] Nomen

  1. the joy
    the pleasure; the delight; the joy
  2. the joy
    the joyfulness; the high jinks; the lunacy; the joy; the merriment; the pleasure; the hilarity; the silliness; the fun; the folly; the madness; the mirth; the nonsense; the joking
  3. the joy
    the delight; the enjoyment; the pleasure; the joy
  4. the joy
    the happiness; the luck; the bliss; the joy
  5. the joy
    the happiness; the pleasure; the joyfulness; the joy; the gladness; the merriment; the mirth; the glee
  6. the joy
    the pleasure; the joy; the mirth; the revelry; the carousing; the fun; the roistering; the merriment
  7. the joy
    the happiness; the revelry; the cheerfulness; the pleasure; the joy; the brightfulness; the joyfulness; the merriment; the lightheartedness; the mirth; the good spirits
  8. the joy
    the bliss; the glory; the blessedness; the magnificence; the happiness; the deliciousness; the joy; the well-being
  9. the joy
    the neatness; the spotlessness; the perfection; the impeccability; the mirth; the orderliness; the tidiness; the pleasure; the joy; the purity; the soundness; the merriment; the stainlessness; the light-heartedness; the faultlessness; the irreprochability
  10. the joy
    the excitement; the joy; the jubilation; the shouts of joy
  11. the joy
    – something or someone that provides a source of happiness 1
    the delight; the pleasure; the joy
    – something or someone that provides a source of happiness 1
    • delight [the ~] Nomen
      • the new car is a delight1
    • pleasure [the ~] Nomen
      • the pleasure of his company1
    • joy [the ~] Nomen
      • a joy to behold1
  12. the joy
    – the emotion of great happiness 1
    the joy; the joyfulness; the joyousness
    – the emotion of great happiness 1


  1. joy

joy Verb

  1. joy
    – make glad or happy 1
    joy; to gladden
    – make glad or happy 1
    • joy Verb
    • gladden Verb (gladdens, gladdened, gladdening)
  2. joy
    – feel happiness or joy 1
    joy; to rejoice
    – feel happiness or joy 1
    • joy Verb
    • rejoice Verb (rejoices, rejoiced, rejoicing)

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  • joys

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  1. something or someone that provides a source of happiness1
    • a joy to behold1
  2. the emotion of great happiness1
  3. make glad or happy1
  4. feel happiness or joy1

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