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succinct Adjektiv

  1. succinct
    minimal; concise; succinct
  2. succinct
    brief; briefly worded; concise; summarized; terse; condensed; succinct
  3. succinct
    succinct; very small; scant; minor; terse; very little
  4. succinct
    concise; succinct; terse
  5. succinct
    concise; terse; pithy; succinct
  6. succinct
  7. succinct
    – briefly giving the gist of something 1
    summary; succinct; compact; compendious
    – briefly giving the gist of something 1
    • summary Adjektiv
      • a summary formulation of a wide-ranging subject1
    • succinct Adjektiv
      • succinct comparisons1
    • compact Adjektiv
      • a compact style is brief and pithy1
    • compendious Adjektiv
      • a short and compendious book1

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  1. briefly giving the gist of something1
    • succinct comparisons1