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  1. about-turn:


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about-turn [the ~] Nomen

  1. the about-turn (reversal; u turn)
    la vuelta; el cambio; el giro

Übersetzung Matrix für about-turn:

NounVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
cambio about-turn; reversal; u turn alteration; altering; amending; amendment; barter; bartering; bending; bill of exchange; change; change of; change of form; changing; compound course; conversion; conversion rate; crisis; currency; declension; emergency situation; evolution; exchange; exchange rate; haggling; inversion; modification; modifying; mutation; rate; rate of exchange; reformation; remodelling; rotation; shady dealings; state of emergency; swap; swerve; switch; switch-over; swop; trade-in; trans-shipment; transfer; transformation; transition; transposition; turn; turning-point; value; wheeling and dealing
giro about-turn; reversal; u turn Giro transfer; Girobank; Post Office Giro; bank giro; change; crisis; curve; emergency situation; expression; giro; giro account; inversion; meaning; meanness; miserliness; payment by Giro; phrase; revolution; rotation; saying; state of emergency; statement; stinginess; swerve; term; turn; turn of phrase; turning-point
vuelta about-turn; reversal; u turn back; back of a chair; back side; back-piece; bend; camber; change; circle; comeback; crisis; curvature; curve; drawback; emergency situation; excursion; homecoming; inversion; journey home; orbit; other side; re-entry; rear side; return; return journey; reverse; revolution; ride back; ring; rotation; seamy side; state of emergency; stroll; swerve; tour; trip; trip back; trip home; turn; turning-point; way back

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