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affected Adjektiv

  1. affected (moved; touched)
    movido; emocionado; conmovido
  2. affected (exaggerated; overdone; excessive; )
    melindroso; amanerado; afectado; dengoso; cursi
  3. affected (feigned; artificial; pretended; faked)
  4. affected (affectedly; snooty)
    esnob; pijo; rebuscado
  5. affected (touched; moved)
  6. affected (snooty; affectedly)
    melindroso; afectado; dengoso; pijo; fanfarrón; rebuscado; amanerado; esnob; artificioso

Übersetzung Matrix für affected:

NounVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
afectado dupe; harmed; swindled; victim
cursi tart
fanfarrón boaster; braggart; charlatan; daredevil; gasbag; medical genius; medical wizard; medicine man; noisy fellows; quack; roisterer; roisterers; show-off; swaggerer; swank; swank-pot; swanker; swanks; tinhorn; windbag; witch doctor; yapper
pijo boaster; noisy fellows; roisterer; roisterers; swanks; windbag; yapper
AdjectiveVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
- moved; stirred; touched; unnatural
OtherVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
- afflicted; mannered; precious; stilted
ModifierVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
afectado affected; affectedly; artificial; exaggerated; excessive; exorbitant; faked; feigned; immoderate; moved; overdone; pretended; snooty; theatrical; touched artificial; baffled; committed; compulsory; created; dazed; dumbfounded; enforced; flabbergasted; forced; forcible; indebted; involuntary; made; obligatory; obliged; perplexed; strained; stunned; tied; unnatural; upset
amanerado affected; affectedly; exaggerated; excessive; exorbitant; immoderate; overdone; snooty; theatrical
artificioso affected; affectedly; artificial; faked; feigned; pretended; snooty artificial; created; enforced; forced; made; strained; unnatural
conmovido affected; moved; touched baffled; dazed; dumbfounded; emotional; flabbergasted; moved; perplexed; sensitive; stunned; touched; upset
cursi affected; exaggerated; excessive; exorbitant; immoderate; overdone; theatrical a small voice; bourgeois; confined; cramped; kitschy; like a narrow minded man; lower-middle-class; narrow minded; narrow-mindedness; parochial; petty; petty-bourgeois; provincial; small-town
dengoso affected; affectedly; exaggerated; excessive; exorbitant; immoderate; overdone; snooty; theatrical
emocionado affected; moved; touched emotional; sensitive
esnob affected; affectedly; snooty snobbish
fanfarrón affected; affectedly; snooty boastful; boasting; bombastic; bragging; grandiloquent
impresionado affected; moved; touched baffled; dazed; dumbfounded; flabbergasted; perplexed; stunned; upset
melindroso affected; affectedly; exaggerated; excessive; exorbitant; immoderate; overdone; snooty; theatrical
movido affected; moved; touched dangling; driven; emotional; obese; sensitive; spent on travelling; stout; swinging
pijo affected; affectedly; snooty fresh; unbroached; unopened; untouched; unused
rebuscado affected; affectedly; snooty far-fetched; in demand; in request; sought-after

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Verwandte Definitionen für "affected":

  1. acted upon; influenced1
  2. speaking or behaving in an artificial way to make an impression1
  3. being excited or provoked to the expression of an emotion1

Wiktionary Übersetzungen für affected:

Cross Translation:
affected afectado aanstellerig — zich te veel aanstellend
affected afectado aangetast — beschadigd door inwerking van iets
affected afectado affigkünstliche Art Gefühle zu äußern oder darstellen
affected consternado; afectado betroffen — beteiligt, jemanden betreffend, sich auf jemanden beziehend
affected artificial; amanerado manieriertbildungssprachlich, abwertend: in einer bestimmten Manier, Art und Weise erstarrt
affected afectado affecté — Qui a de l’affectation, qui manque de naturel.
affected afectado affété — Qui est plein d’afféterie dans son air, dans ses manières, dans son langage.
affected artificial; afectado artificiel — Qui remplace la nature par l’art ou l’artifice.
affected amanerado maniéré — Qui se fait remarquer par l’affectation de son maintien, de ses manières.
affected afectado précieux — péjoratif|nocat=1

affected form of affect:

Konjugationen für affect:

  1. affect
  2. affect
  3. affects
  4. affect
  5. affect
  6. affect
simple past
  1. affected
  2. affected
  3. affected
  4. affected
  5. affected
  6. affected
present perfect
  1. have affected
  2. have affected
  3. has affected
  4. have affected
  5. have affected
  6. have affected
past continuous
  1. was affecting
  2. were affecting
  3. was affecting
  4. were affecting
  5. were affecting
  6. were affecting
  1. shall affect
  2. will affect
  3. will affect
  4. shall affect
  5. will affect
  6. will affect
continuous present
  1. am affecting
  2. are affecting
  3. is affecting
  4. are affecting
  5. are affecting
  6. are affecting
  1. be affected
  2. be affected
  3. be affected
  4. be affected
  5. be affected
  6. be affected
  1. affect!
  2. let's affect!
  3. affected
  4. affecting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Übersetzung Matrix für affect:

NounVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
golpear knocking on; tapping on
tocar tapping; touching
tomar having a grip; hold
VerbVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
adoptar affect; concern; hit; impress; influence; move; strike; touch adopt; annex; enlist; enrol; enroll; have an opinion on; hold an opinion on; hold an view on; incorporate; take over
afectar affect; concern; impress; influence; regard; relate to; touch ache; bruise; cause damage; contuse; damage; defamate; do harm; harm; hurt; injure; slander; wound
alcanzar affect; concern; hit; move; strike; touch bear; bring; bring along; bring in; carry; carry along; catch up; catch up with; come up alongside with; end up; gain; get; get through; give; give to; hand; hand over; obtain; pass; reach; run in; take in; win
atañer affect; concern; regard; relate to; touch
azotar affect; concern; hit; move; strike; touch beat up; cudgel; drub; hit someone; knock about; strike someone; thwack; wallop
batir affect; concern; hit; move; strike; touch beat up; cudgel; drub; hit someone; stir; strike someone; tap in; thwack; touch; wallop; whip
comer un peón affect; concern; hit; move; strike; touch hit someone; strike someone
concenir affect; concern; regard; touch
concernir affect; concern; regard; relate to; touch contract; enter; enter into; go on; tie on to
conmover affect; concern; hit; impress; influence; move; strike; touch churn; move; shake up; stir
dar golpes affect; concern; hit; move; strike; touch bang; batter; beat; chop down; cut down; fell; hammer; hit; hit someone; knock; pound; smack; smash; strike; strike someone; tap; tap at
emocionar affect; concern; hit; move; strike; touch
encontrar affect; concern; hit; move; strike; touch arise; bore; come across; discover; drill; find; learn; localise; localize; locate; meet; trace
golpear affect; concern; hit; move; strike; touch bang; batter; beat; brush against; bump against; call; clang; clink; drive; drive piles; flutter; hammer; hit; hit someone; jangle; jingle; knock; knock together; pound; ram; rattle; rattling; ring; ruckle; slap; smack; smash; strike; strike someone; strike together; tap; tap at; tap in; thump; tinkle
influenciar affect; impress; influence
influir affect have a hold on; have an influence; influence
influir en affect; impress; influence act upon; influence
mover affect; concern; hit; move; strike; touch be going to; bring down; churn; convert; deposit; dislocate; go; lay; laydown; lever; mix; mobilise; mobilize; move; move on; place; propel; push along; push on; put down; reduce; remove; resolve; set; set down; shake up; shift; simplify; situate; station; stir; take down; trace back; transfer; transform; walk; wrench
pegar affect; concern; hit; move; strike; touch adhere; affix; attach; attach to; bang; beat up; cadge; cling; confirm; connect; drive; drive piles; fasten; fix; glue; glue in; glue together; gum; hammer; hit someone; knock about; mooch; obtain by begging; paste; paste in; paste on; paste together; patch; ram; secure; stick; stick in; stick on; stick to; stick together; strike someone; suture; thump; with glue
referirse a affect; concern; regard; relate to; touch aim at; mean
revolver affect; concern; hit; move; strike; touch budge; burrow; get going; grope about; move; put in motion; rummage; rummage about; rummage around; set in motion; turn upside down
tener que ver con affect; impress; influence
tener suerte affect; concern; hit; impress; influence; move; strike; touch be in luck; be lucky
tocar affect; concern; regard; touch accrue to; fall to; feel; glance; grope; just touch; play; stir; tag; tap; tick; touch; touch upon
tocar a affect; concern; regard; relate to; touch
tomar affect; concern; hit; move; strike; touch annex; apply; catch; chain; consume; control; dine; dine out; eat; eat up; employ; enchain; enlist; enrol; enroll; examine; get; gulp; gulp down; hit someone; incorporate; inspect; make use of; obsess; receive; seize; shackle; snatch; sneak up on; strike someone; survey; swallow; take in; take over; take unaware; tattle; tread on; tread upon; twig; use; utilise; utilize; view; walk over; walk upon; wine and dine
- bear on; bear upon; dissemble; feign; impact; impress; involve; move; pretend; regard; sham; strike; touch; touch on
OtherVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
- emotional condition

Verwandte Wörter für "affect":

Synonyms for "affect":

Verwandte Definitionen für "affect":

  1. the conscious subjective aspect of feeling or emotion1
  2. act physically on; have an effect upon1
    • the medicine affects my heart rate1
  3. have an effect upon1
    • Will the new rules affect me?1
  4. make believe with the intent to deceive1
  5. have an emotional or cognitive impact upon1
  6. connect closely and often incriminatingly1
    • This new ruling affects your business1

Wiktionary Übersetzungen für affect:

  1. to make a false display of
  2. to move to emotion
  3. to influence or alter

Cross Translation:
affect afectar affecteren — net doen alsof, voorgeven
affect corroer; agredir; repudrir; cariar; atacar aantasten — aanvallen, aangrijpen
affect afectar affizieren — (transitiv) einwirken auf, beeinflussen, erregen, reizen
affect afectar; atacar angreifen — verbal oder physisch jemanden oder etwas attackieren
affect mermar; dañar; disminuir; afectar; perjudicar beeinträchtigen — durch ein Hindernis die Beweglichkeit stören
affect actuar einwirkenallmählich seine Wirkung auf etwas entfalten
affect afecto Affekt — heftige Gefühlsregung, starke Gemütsbewegung, innere Erregung
affect fingir; afectar; simular feindreprésenter une chose comme réelle en lui donner une fausse apparence.
affect influir influerfaire impression sur une chose, exercer sur elle une action qui tendre à la modifier.
affect darse tono; ponerse minauder — Faire certaines mines, affecter certaines manières pour plaire et paraître plus agréable.
affect operar opéreraccomplir une œuvre, produire un effet.
affect remover; mover; conmover; emocionar remuermouvoir, déplacer.
affect conmover; emocionar; agitar; perturbar émouvoirprovoquer une émotion.

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