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complex Adjektiv

  1. complex (complicated; intricate; difficult; involved)

complex [the ~] Nomen

  1. the complex
    el complejo; el bloque de viviendas; el bloque; la polea; el leño
  2. the complex (block of houses; row of houses)
    el bloque; el bloque de viviendas; el bloque de casas

Übersetzung Matrix für complex:

NounVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
bloque block of houses; complex; row of houses block; block-level element; brake; braking mechanism; building-block; square
bloque de casas block of houses; complex; row of houses
bloque de viviendas block of houses; complex; row of houses fire wood; log
complejo complex
leño complex fire wood; log
polea complex pulley-block
- building complex; composite; coordination compound
ModifierVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
complejo complex; complicated; difficult; intricate; involved wrapped in
complicado complex; complicated; difficult; intricate; involved annoying; awkward; burdensome; critical; delicate; difficult; hard; heavy; ill-timed; incompetent; inconvenient; massive; painful; perilous; precarious; review; stiff; touchy; tough; unfit; unsuitable; worrisome; wrapped in
enmarañado complex; complicated; difficult; intricate; involved crazy; daft; foolish; funny; idiotic; insane; mad; mixed up; muzzy; odd; ridiculous; silly; stupid; weird
enredado complex; complicated; difficult; intricate; involved wrapped in

Verwandte Wörter für "complex":

  • complexes, complexer, complexest, complexly

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Verwandte Definitionen für "complex":

  1. complicated in structure; consisting of interconnected parts1
    • a complex set of variations based on a simple folk melody1
    • a complex mass of diverse laws and customs1
  2. a whole structure (as a building) made up of interconnected or related structures1
  3. a conceptual whole made up of complicated and related parts1
    • the complex of shopping malls, houses, and roads created a new town1
  4. (psychoanalysis) a combination of emotions and impulses that have been rejected from awareness but still influence a person's behavior1
  5. a compound described in terms of the central atom to which other atoms are bound or coordinated1

Wiktionary Übersetzungen für complex:

  1. in mathematics
  2. not simple or straightforward
  3. intricate

Cross Translation:
complex complejo; complicado ingewikkeld — niet eenvoudig en zeer samengesteld
complex complicado; complejo complex — ingewikkeld
complex ciudad; población; urbe citéville, surtout quand on vouloir en faire ressortir l’importance.
complex complejo; compleja complexe — Qui n’est pas simple ; qui embrasse des éléments divers et entremêler.

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