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to donate Verb (donates, donated, donating)

  1. to donate (give)

Konjugationen für donate:

  1. donate
  2. donate
  3. donates
  4. donate
  5. donate
  6. donate
simple past
  1. donated
  2. donated
  3. donated
  4. donated
  5. donated
  6. donated
present perfect
  1. have donated
  2. have donated
  3. has donated
  4. have donated
  5. have donated
  6. have donated
past continuous
  1. was donating
  2. were donating
  3. was donating
  4. were donating
  5. were donating
  6. were donating
  1. shall donate
  2. will donate
  3. will donate
  4. shall donate
  5. will donate
  6. will donate
continuous present
  1. am donating
  2. are donating
  3. is donating
  4. are donating
  5. are donating
  6. are donating
  1. be donated
  2. be donated
  3. be donated
  4. be donated
  5. be donated
  6. be donated
  1. donate!
  2. let's donate!
  3. donated
  4. donating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Übersetzung Matrix für donate:

NounVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
echar throwing out
regalar give away
servir dishing up; service
verter emptying; pouring; pouring out
VerbVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
ahorrar donate; give allow; bank; collect; cut down; decline; economise; economize; gather together; glean; horde; moderate; pick up; put money in the bank; regress; save; save up; spare; use less; waining
conceder donate; give admit; allow; assent to; authorise; authorize; bestow; concede; confirm; deliver; dispense; endorse; give; give a present; give one's fiat to; grant; hand over to; offer; permit; provide; submit to; tolerate
dar donate; give administer; allocate; allot; allow; assign; bestow; bestow on; confer; delate; deliver; deliver up; dispense; distribute; extend; furnish; give; give a present; give along with; give to; grant; hand; hand out; hand over; hand over to; hear; inflict; interpellate; interrogate; offer; pass; pay out; pour in; present with; provide; question; ration; remit; send along with; send with; subsidise; subsidize; supply; swing; turn; veer
dar importancia donate; give
darse donate; give act; allow; perform
donar donate; give allow; bestow; give; give a present; give away; grant; offer
echar donate; give add; allow; ban; banish; cast; direct; discard; discharge; disgorge; dismiss; dispel; drain; drive away; drive off; drive out; drop; empty; exile; exorcise; exorcize; expel; fire; fling; guide; heave; hurl; lay off; lead; move house; ostracise; ostracize; point the direction; pour; pour in; pour some more; release; remove; repel; sack; send; sprinkle; throw; throw away; throw out
entregar donate; give allow; book; bring; bring around; cash; cede; delate; deliver; deliver up; dispense; enlist; enrol; enroll; enter; extend; furnish; give; give to; give up; hand; hand down; hand in; hand over; hand over to; inscribe; offer; order; pass; pay; pay out; pay over; present; present with; proffer; provide; put up for shipment; register; send; send round; ship; subscribe; supply; surrender; transfer; turn in; yield
favorecer donate; give become; favor; favour; flatter; give preference; privilege; suit
obsequiar con donate; give allow; treat
otorgar donate; give allow; authorise; authorize; award; bestow; comply with; endow; gift; give; give a present; grant; offer; permit; present
perdonar donate; give allow; apologise; apologize; bestow; consider; excuse; forgive; give; give a present; give away; grant; let off; misdeal; offer; pardon; save; spare
preferir donate; give choose; prefer
prestar donate; give allow; borrow; derive; draw; grant credit; lend; lend out; loan; loan someone something; pawn
privilegiar donate; give favor; favour; give preference; privilege
proporcionar donate; give allow; delate; deliver up; extend; furnish; give; give to; hand; hand over; offer; pass; pay out; place at someone's disposal; present with; provide; remit; supply
regalar donate; give allow; bestow; give; give a present; give away; grant; offer
servir donate; give accomodate; add; aid; allow; assist; attend; attend to; back; back up; be attentive; be helpful; be of help; be on duty; dish up; do good; do up; extend the hand; help; make oneself useful; oblige; operate; pour; pour some more; prop up; second; serve; serve out; service; te be of service
verter donate; give allow; clear; deposit; discharge; disgorge; drain; drip; drop; dump out; effuse; empty; empty out; evacuate; expel; flow; pitter; placing; pour; pour down; pour in; remove; run; shed; stream; trickle

Verwandte Wörter für "donate":

Synonyms for "donate":

Verwandte Definitionen für "donate":

  1. give to a charity or good cause1
    • I donated blood to the Red Cross for the victims of the earthquake1
    • donate money to the orphanage1
    • She donates to her favorite charity every month1

Wiktionary Übersetzungen für donate:

  1. to give away something of value

Cross Translation:
donate dar donner — Faire un don ; transférer, sans rétribution, la propriété d’une chose que l’on posséder ou dont on jouir, à une autre personne.
donate ofrecer; regalar; ofertar; ofrendar offrirprésenter quelque chose à quelqu’un, souhaiter qu’il l’accepter.
donate participar participerprendre part.