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Detailübersetzungen für persecute (Englisch) ins Spanisch


to persecute Verb (persecutes, persecuted, persecuting)

  1. to persecute (strive after; pursue; aim for; chase; haunt)
  2. to persecute (chase; pursue; haunt; run after)

Konjugationen für persecute:

  1. persecute
  2. persecute
  3. persecutes
  4. persecute
  5. persecute
  6. persecute
simple past
  1. persecuted
  2. persecuted
  3. persecuted
  4. persecuted
  5. persecuted
  6. persecuted
present perfect
  1. have persecuted
  2. have persecuted
  3. has persecuted
  4. have persecuted
  5. have persecuted
  6. have persecuted
past continuous
  1. was persecuting
  2. were persecuting
  3. was persecuting
  4. were persecuting
  5. were persecuting
  6. were persecuting
  1. shall persecute
  2. will persecute
  3. will persecute
  4. shall persecute
  5. will persecute
  6. will persecute
continuous present
  1. am persecuting
  2. are persecuting
  3. is persecuting
  4. are persecuting
  5. are persecuting
  6. are persecuting
  1. be persecuted
  2. be persecuted
  3. be persecuted
  4. be persecuted
  5. be persecuted
  6. be persecuted
  1. persecute!
  2. let's persecute!
  3. persecuted
  4. persecuting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Übersetzung Matrix für persecute:

NounVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
aspirar a aiming at; aiming for; strive for
perseguir following; pursuing; tailing
VerbVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
afanarse tras aim for; chase; haunt; persecute; pursue; strive after hasten; hurry; hurry up; rush; stress; urge on
aspirar a aim for; chase; haunt; persecute; pursue; strive after aim at; aspire; aspire to; devote oneself to; hasten; hurry; hurry up; rush; seek; stress; strive after; strive for; urge on; work for; work towards
cazar aim for; chase; haunt; persecute; pursue; strive after bait; catch; chase; dart; fire; fire a shot; fusillade; hasten; hunt; hurry; move it; race; rush; seize; shoot; snare; snatch; sneak up on; take unaware; tattle; twig
perseguir aim for; chase; haunt; persecute; pursue; run after; strive after adjudicate; bring action against; charge through; condemn; fly through; hasten; hurry; hurry up; judge; prosecute; rush; sentence; stress; try; urge on
perseguir judicialmente aim for; chase; haunt; persecute; pursue; strive after adjudicate; bring action against; condemn; judge; prosecute; sentence; try
- oppress

Verwandte Wörter für "persecute":

Synonyms for "persecute":

Verwandte Definitionen für "persecute":

  1. cause to suffer1
    • Jews were persecuted in the former Soviet Union1

Wiktionary Übersetzungen für persecute:

  1. to pursue in a manner to injure, grieve, or afflict

Cross Translation:
persecute perseguir vervolgen — niet rusten voor iemand bestraft of geweld aangedaan is
persecute perseguir; acosar; acuciar; arrear; impeler poursuivresuivre quelqu’un avec application, avec ardeur, courir après quelqu’un dans le dessein de l’atteindre, de le prendre.