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fine [the ~] Nomen

  1. the fine (penalty; ticket)
    de boete; de bekeuring; de bon
  2. the fine (monetary penalty)
    de boete; de penalty
  3. the fine
    de geldstraf; de geldboete
  4. the fine
    het boeten
  5. the fine
    de geldboete

fine Adjektiv

  1. fine (subtle)
    subtiel; fijn
  2. fine (agree; correct; right; good)
    akkoord; mee eens; in orde
  3. fine (delicate; slim)
    slank en smal; fijn
  4. fine (as fit as fiddle; great; wonderful)
    kiplekker; mieters; prima
  5. fine
  6. fine (great; pleasant; agreeable; good-natured; genial)
    tof; geschikt
  7. fine (splendid; excellent)

to fine Verb (fines, fined, fining)

  1. to fine
    • beboeten Verb (beboet, beboette, beboetten, beboet)

Konjugationen für fine:

  1. fine
  2. fine
  3. fines
  4. fine
  5. fine
  6. fine
simple past
  1. fined
  2. fined
  3. fined
  4. fined
  5. fined
  6. fined
present perfect
  1. have fined
  2. have fined
  3. has fined
  4. have fined
  5. have fined
  6. have fined
past continuous
  1. was fining
  2. were fining
  3. was fining
  4. were fining
  5. were fining
  6. were fining
  1. shall fine
  2. will fine
  3. will fine
  4. shall fine
  5. will fine
  6. will fine
continuous present
  1. am fining
  2. are fining
  3. is fining
  4. are fining
  5. are fining
  6. are fining
  1. be fined
  2. be fined
  3. be fined
  4. be fined
  5. be fined
  6. be fined
  1. fine!
  2. let's fine!
  3. fined
  4. fining
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Übersetzung Matrix für fine:

NounVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
akkoord acceptance; access; admission; admittance; agreement; alliance; allowance; approval; association; bond; chord; clearance; come to terms; concurrence; consent; granting; league; make a compromise; pact; permission; settlement; union
bekeuring fine; penalty; ticket
boete fine; monetary penalty; penalty; ticket confinement; custody; detention; imprisonment; punishment
boeten fine
bon fine; penalty; ticket coupon; deposit voucher; token; voucher
fijne greatness; know the ins and outs; the greatness of that feeling
geldboete fine
geldstraf fine
penalty fine; monetary penalty penalty; penalty kick
- amercement; mulct
VerbVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
beboeten fine
boeten atone for; expiate; pay for one's mistake's; suffer
- ticket
AdjectiveVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
fijn delicate; fine; slim; subtle agreeable; delicate; easy going; enjoyable; fragile; frail; good; lovely; nice; petite; pleasant; slender; small-boned; tender; thin
geschikt agreeable; fine; genial; good-natured; great; pleasant able; applicable; apposite; appropriate; apt; capable; capable for work; competent; considerate; effective; efficient; fair; fit; fitting; good; moderate; proficient; proper; qualified; reasonable; relevant; right; skilled; suitable; valid
kiplekker as fit as fiddle; fine; great; wonderful
mieters as fit as fiddle; fine; great; wonderful cherubic; cool; delicious; delightful; fantastic; glorious; outrageous; paradisiacal; ravishing; super
opperbest excellent; fine; splendid
prima as fit as fiddle; fine; great; wonderful excellent; first-rate; high-quality; perfect; superb; tiptop
subtiel fine; subtle
tof agreeable; fine; genial; good-natured; great; pleasant cool; fantastic; outrageous; super
- all right; hunky-dory; o.k.; ok; okay
AdverbVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
- OK; all right; alright; delicately; exquisitely; finely; very well
Not SpecifiedVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
van zand of regen fine
OtherVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
akkoord O.K.; allright; alright; done; it's a deal; you're on
- generous; grand; stylish
ModifierVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
akkoord agree; correct; fine; good; right
fijne fine delicate; lovely; orthodox; strict
in orde agree; correct; fine; good; right
mee eens agree; correct; fine; good; right
slank en smal delicate; fine; slim

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Verwandte Definitionen für "fine":

  1. characterized by elegance or refinement or accomplishment1
    • fine wine1
    • looking fine in her Easter suit1
    • a fine gentleman1
    • fine china and crystal1
    • a fine violinist1
    • the fine hand of a master1
  2. minutely precise especially in differences in meaning1
    • a fine distinction1
  3. free from impurities; having a high or specified degree of purity1
    • gold 21 carats fine1
  4. being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition1
    • everything's fine1
    • dinner and the movies had been fine1
    • another minute I'd have been fine1
  5. of textures that are smooth to the touch or substances consisting of relatively small particles1
    • wood with a fine grain1
    • fine powdery snow1
    • fine rain1
    • batiste is a cotton fabric with a fine weave1
    • covered with a fine film of dust1
  6. thin in thickness or diameter1
    • a fine film of oil1
    • fine hairs1
    • read the fine print1
  7. an expression of agreement normally occurring at the beginning of a sentence1
  8. in a delicate manner1
    • her fine drawn body1
  9. money extracted as a penalty1
  10. issue a ticket or a fine to as a penalty1
    • I was fined for parking on the wrong side of the street1

Wiktionary Übersetzungen für fine:

  1. payment for breaking the law
  1. to issue a fine as punishment
  1. made up of particularly small pieces
  2. being acceptable, adequate, passable, or satisfactory
  3. of weather: sunny and not raining
  4. of superior quality
  1. een boete die wordt opgelegd voor het overtreden van een wet
  1. van geringe dikte
  2. leuk
  3. in sterke mate voelbaar, pijnlijk
  4. zacht, delicaat, liefdevol
  5. voortreffelijk

Cross Translation:
fine boete; geldboete; bekeuring amende — Peine pécuniaire imposée par la justice.
fine schoon; mooi; fraai; knap; net beau — D’aspect agréable à l’œil ou à l’oreille.
fine goed; okee bon — À trier
fine delicaat; fijn; gevoelig; iel; kies; kieskeurig; tactvol; teder; teer délicat — Qui est d’une très grande finesse, très délié.
fine bijtend; doordringend; fel; guur; schel; scherp; schril; snerpend; fijn; spitsvondig; subtiel; ad rem; geestig; gevat; snedig; gekuist findélié, menu, mince ou étroit.
fine ordening ordonnance — Disposition des choses selon l’ordre, la convenance.
fine bekeuring; proces-verbaal; boete; geldboete; notulen; protocol procès-verbalacte par lequel un gendarme,un policier, un garde champêtre, etc., constater une contravention, un délit.
fine helder; onbezorgd; sereen serein — Qui est clair, doux, pur et calme, en parlant du ciel, de l’air, du temps.

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