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to pull Verb (pulls, pulled, pulling)

  1. to pull (tug)
    – apply force so as to cause motion towards the source of the motion 1
    – met kracht naar je toehalen 2
    • trekken Verb (trek, trekt, trok, trokken, getrokken)
      • als je aan het touw trekt, gaat de deur open2
    • rukken Verb (ruk, rukt, rukte, rukten, gerukt)
  2. to pull (masturbate)
    zich aftrekken; aftrekken
  3. to pull (drag along; draw; haul; lug)
    trekken; voorttrekken
  4. to pull (drag; haul)
    • sleuren Verb (sleur, sleurt, sleurde, sleurden, gesleurd)
  5. to pull
    – To deliver data to a client only upon client request. 3

Konjugationen für pull:

  1. pull
  2. pull
  3. pulls
  4. pull
  5. pull
  6. pull
simple past
  1. pulled
  2. pulled
  3. pulled
  4. pulled
  5. pulled
  6. pulled
present perfect
  1. have pulled
  2. have pulled
  3. has pulled
  4. have pulled
  5. have pulled
  6. have pulled
past continuous
  1. was pulling
  2. were pulling
  3. was pulling
  4. were pulling
  5. were pulling
  6. were pulling
  1. shall pull
  2. will pull
  3. will pull
  4. shall pull
  5. will pull
  6. will pull
continuous present
  1. am pulling
  2. are pulling
  3. is pulling
  4. are pulling
  5. are pulling
  6. are pulling
  1. be pulled
  2. be pulled
  3. be pulled
  4. be pulled
  5. be pulled
  6. be pulled
  1. pull!
  2. let's pull!
  3. pulled
  4. pulling
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

pull [the ~] Nomen

  1. the pull
    de trek; de ruk; de haal
    • trek [de ~ (m)] Nomen
    • ruk [de ~ (m)] Nomen
    • haal [de ~ (m)] Nomen
  2. the pull
    aantrekken; straktrekken
  3. the pull (drag; puff)
    trekje aan een sigaret; het trekje; de haal; het haaltje
  4. the pull (clout)
    – special advantage or influence 1
    de invloed
  5. the pull
    – The process of retrieving data from a network server. 3

Übersetzung Matrix für pull:

NounVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
aantrekken pull alluring; attiring; attracting; charming; clothing; dressing; inviting; tempting
aftrekken distillation
haal drag; puff; pull crease; pen line; shark; streak; stroke of the pen
haaltje drag; puff; pull
invloed clout; pull influence
pull jersey; jumper; pullover
ruk pull
straktrekken pull
trek pull air lock; appetite; draft; feel like a bite; hunger
trekje drag; puff; pull characteristic; feature; streak; trait
trekje aan een sigaret drag; puff; pull
- drag; puff; pulling; twist; wrench
VerbVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
aantrekken advertise; advertize; draw new members; dress; employ; engage; hire; make propaganda; publish; pull to; put on; recruit; sign on; solicit
aftrekken masturbate; pull deduct; subtract; take of the body
pull pull
rukken pull; tug
sleuren drag; haul; pull
trekken drag along; draw; haul; lug; pull; tug draw; hike; travel; travel about
voorttrekken drag along; draw; haul; lug; pull
zich aftrekken masturbate; pull
- attract; commit; deplumate; deplume; displume; draw; draw in; draw out; extract; force; get out; overstretch; perpetrate; pluck; pull in; pull out; pull up; rend; rip; rive; root for; take out; tear
OtherVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
- boating trip; proof sheet; pulled proof; row

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Verwandte Definitionen für "pull":

  1. the act of pulling; applying force to move something toward or with you1
    • the pull up the hill had him breathing harder1
  2. a sustained effort1
    • it was a long pull but we made it1
  3. a slow inhalation (as of tobacco smoke)1
  4. a device used for pulling something1
    • he grabbed the pull and opened the drawer1
  5. special advantage or influence1
    • the chairman's nephew has a lot of pull1
  6. the force used in pulling1
    • the pull of the moon1
    • the pull of the current1
  7. a sharp strain on muscles or ligaments1
    • he was sidelined with a hamstring pull1
  8. strain abnormally1
    • I pulled a muscle in my leg when I jumped up1
    • The athlete pulled a tendon in the competition1
  9. take away1
    • pull the old soup cans from the supermarket shelf1
  10. take sides with; align oneself with; show strong sympathy for1
    • I'm pulling for the underdog1
  11. remove, usually with some force or effort; also used in an abstract sense1
    • pull weeds1
  12. strip of feathers1
    • pull a chicken1
  13. hit in the direction that the player is facing when carrying through the swing1
    • pull the ball1
  14. cause to move by pulling1
    • pull a sled1
  15. direct toward itself or oneself by means of some psychological power or physical attributes1
    • The ad pulled in many potential customers1
    • This pianist pulls huge crowds1
  16. tear or be torn violently1
    • pull the cooked chicken into strips1
  17. apply force so as to cause motion towards the source of the motion1
    • pull the string gently1
    • pull the trigger of the gun1
    • pull your knees towards your chin1
  18. rein in to keep from winning a race1
    • pull a horse1
  19. operate when rowing a boat1
    • pull the oars1
  20. bring, take, or pull out of a container or from under a cover1
    • The mugger pulled a knife on his victim1
  21. steer into a certain direction1
    • pull one's horse to a stand1
  22. move into a certain direction1
    • the car pulls to the right1
  23. cause to move in a certain direction by exerting a force upon, either physically or in an abstract sense1
    • A declining dollar pulled down the export figures for the last quarter1
  24. perform an act, usually with a negative connotation1
    • pull a bank robbery1
  25. The process of retrieving data from a network server.3
  26. To deliver data to a client only upon client request.3

Wiktionary Übersetzungen für pull:

  1. apply force to (something) so it comes towards one
  1. op een voorwerp een kracht uitoefenen in een richting die ervan wegvoert

Cross Translation:
pull aantrekken anziehen — den Zug erhöhen, etwas straff machen
pull trekken ziehen — mit Anwendung von Kraft auf sich zu bewegen
pull slepen; trekken zurren(transitiv), mundartlich, umgangssprachlich: Synonym für „zerren“, „ziehen“
pull coachen; trainen; fronsen; samentrekken; uitdragen; wegbrengen; wegdragen entraînertraîner avec soi, après soi.
pull terugnemen; terugtrekken; intrekken; terughebben; terugkrijgen; hernemen; herroepen; terughalen; ontlokken; tappen; te voorschijn trekken; uithalen retirertirer à nouveau.
pull boegseren; slepen; trekken; voorttrekken; rondslingeren trainertirer après soi.
pull boegseren; slepen; trekken; voorttrekken traînertirer après soi.

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Detailübersetzungen für pull (Niederländisch) ins Englisch


pull [de ~ (m)] Nomen

  1. de pull (pull-over)
    the pullover; the jumper; the jersey

pull Verb

  1. pull
    the pull
    – The process of retrieving data from a network server. 3
    • pull [the ~] Nomen
  2. pull
    to pull
    – To deliver data to a client only upon client request. 3
    • pull Verb (pulls, pulled, pulling)

Übersetzung Matrix für pull:

NounVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
jersey pull; pull-over T-shirt; jersey; trui
jumper pull; pull-over hes; kiel; loshangend kort overkleed; overgooier; trui
pull pull aantrekken; haal; haaltje; invloed; ruk; straktrekken; trek; trekje; trekje aan een sigaret
pullover pull; pull-over
VerbVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
pull pull aftrekken; rukken; sleuren; trekken; voorttrekken; zich aftrekken

Verwandte Wörter für "pull":

  • pulls

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