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to rust Verb (rusts, rusted, rusting)

  1. to rust (roost)
    • rosta Verb (rostar, rostade, rostat)
  2. to rust (roost; perch)
    • ruva Verb (ruvar, ruvade, ruvat)

Konjugationen für rust:

  1. rust
  2. rust
  3. rusts
  4. rust
  5. rust
  6. rust
simple past
  1. rusted
  2. rusted
  3. rusted
  4. rusted
  5. rusted
  6. rusted
present perfect
  1. have rusted
  2. have rusted
  3. has rusted
  4. have rusted
  5. have rusted
  6. have rusted
past continuous
  1. was rusting
  2. were rusting
  3. was rusting
  4. were rusting
  5. were rusting
  6. were rusting
  1. shall rust
  2. will rust
  3. will rust
  4. shall rust
  5. will rust
  6. will rust
continuous present
  1. am rusting
  2. are rusting
  3. is rusting
  4. are rusting
  5. are rusting
  6. are rusting
  1. be rusted
  2. be rusted
  3. be rusted
  4. be rusted
  5. be rusted
  6. be rusted
  1. rust!
  2. let's rust!
  3. rusted
  4. rusting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

rust [the ~] Nomen

  1. the rust (perch)

Übersetzung Matrix für rust:

NounVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
rost perch; rust grill; iron oxide; roaster; rustiness
- rust fungus; rusting
VerbVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
rosta roost; rust fry; grill; roast
ruva perch; roost; rust brood; cogitate; consider; muse; ponder; reflect; think; wonder
- corrode; eat
AdjectiveVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
- rust-brown; rusty

Verwandte Wörter für "rust":

  • rusting, rusts

Synonyms for "rust":

Verwandte Definitionen für "rust":

  1. of the brown color of rust1
  2. any of various fungi causing rust disease in plants1
  3. the formation of reddish-brown ferric oxides on iron by low-temperature oxidation in the presence of water1
  4. a plant disease that produces a reddish-brown discoloration of leaves and stems; caused by various rust fungi1
  5. a red or brown oxide coating on iron or steel caused by the action of oxygen and moisture1
  6. become coated with oxide1
  7. become destroyed by water, air, or a corrosive such as an acid1
    • The pipes rusted1
  8. cause to deteriorate due to the action of water, air, or an acid1
    • The steady dripping of water rusted the metal stopper in the sink1

Wiktionary Übersetzungen für rust:

  1. result of oxidation
  2. colour
  3. plant disease
  1. to oxidise

Cross Translation:
rust rosta rostenChemie: sich mit einer Eisenoxidschicht überziehen, Rost ansetzen
rust rost rouille — Matière friable, composée d’hydroxyde de fer, qui se forme sur les métaux ferreux par oxydation au contact de l’eau et de l’air.

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