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to absorb Verb (absorbs, absorbed, absorbing)

  1. to absorb (take up; take in; pick up)
    absorbera; upptaga; uppsuga; suga i sig
    • absorbera Verb (absorberar, absorberade, absorberat)
    • upptaga Verb (upptager, upptog, upptagit)
    • uppsuga Verb (uppsuger, uppsug, uppsugit)
    • suga i sig Verb (suger i sig, sög i sig, sugit i sig)
  2. to absorb (suck up; drain away; suck)
    suga upp
    • suga upp Verb (suger upp, sög upp, sugit upp)
  3. to absorb (take in; take up; sip up; lap up)
    absorbera; suga upp
    • absorbera Verb (absorberar, absorberade, absorberat)
    • suga upp Verb (suger upp, sög upp, sugit upp)
  4. to absorb (learn; gain; receive; collect)
    • lära Verb (lär, lärde, lärt)
  5. to absorb (take up; pick up; take in)
    – suck or take up or in 1
    ta in; införliva
    • ta in Verb (tar in, tog in, tagit in)
    • införliva Verb (införlivar, införlivade, införlivat)

Konjugationen für absorb:

  1. absorb
  2. absorb
  3. absorbs
  4. absorb
  5. absorb
  6. absorb
simple past
  1. absorbed
  2. absorbed
  3. absorbed
  4. absorbed
  5. absorbed
  6. absorbed
present perfect
  1. have absorbed
  2. have absorbed
  3. has absorbed
  4. have absorbed
  5. have absorbed
  6. have absorbed
past continuous
  1. was absorbing
  2. were absorbing
  3. was absorbing
  4. were absorbing
  5. were absorbing
  6. were absorbing
  1. shall absorb
  2. will absorb
  3. will absorb
  4. shall absorb
  5. will absorb
  6. will absorb
continuous present
  1. am absorbing
  2. are absorbing
  3. is absorbing
  4. are absorbing
  5. are absorbing
  6. are absorbing
  1. be absorbed
  2. be absorbed
  3. be absorbed
  4. be absorbed
  5. be absorbed
  6. be absorbed
  1. absorb!
  2. let's absorb!
  3. absorbed
  4. absorbing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Übersetzung Matrix für absorb:

NounVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
absorbera absorption; annexation; enrollment; enrolment; incorporation; purchase; take-over
lära doctrine
VerbVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
absorbera absorb; lap up; pick up; sip up; take in; take up
införliva absorb; pick up; take in; take up annex; build in; enlist; enrol; enroll; incorporate; take over
lära absorb; collect; gain; learn; receive acquire; break in; coach; discover; educate; get the hang of; instruct; learn; pick up; qualify; study; studying; teach; train; tutor
suga i sig absorb; pick up; take in; take up
suga upp absorb; drain away; imbibe; lap up; sip up; suck; suck in; suck up; take in; take up
ta in absorb; pick up; take in; take up bring in; carry in; hive; take in; take on
uppsuga absorb; pick up; take in; take up
upptaga absorb; pick up; take in; take up
- assimilate; draw; engage; engross; engulf; imbibe; immerse; ingest; occupy; plunge; soak up; sop up; steep; suck; suck up; take in; take over; take up

Verwandte Wörter für "absorb":

Synonyms for "absorb":

Antonyme für "absorb":

Verwandte Definitionen für "absorb":

  1. cause to become one with1
    • The sales tax is absorbed into the state income tax1
  2. consume all of one's attention or time1
    • Her interest in butterflies absorbs her completely1
  3. devote (oneself) fully to1
  4. take up mentally1
    • he absorbed the knowledge or beliefs of his tribe1
  5. assimilate or take in1
    • The immigrants were quickly absorbed into society1
  6. take in, also metaphorically1
    • The sponge absorbs water well1
  7. become imbued1
    • The liquids, light, and gases absorb1
  8. take up, as of debts or payments1
    • absorb the costs for something1
  9. suck or take up or in1

Wiktionary Übersetzungen für absorb:

  1. finance: to assume or pay for (8)
  2. physics: to take up by chemical or physical action (7)
  3. to endure (6)
  4. to consume completely (5)
  5. to occupy fully (4)
  6. to learn (3)
  7. to suck up or drink in (2)
  8. to include so that it no longer has separate existence (1)

Cross Translation:
absorb absorbera absorbierenPhysik, Technik: aufsaugen, (in sich) aufnehmen
absorb absorbera absorbierenübertragen, gehoben: (jemanden) stark in Anspruch nehmen
absorb sysselsätta beschäftigenetwas beschäftigt jemanden: etwas ist die jetzige Tätigkeit einer Person; mit Betonung der beschäftigenden Sache
absorb uppsuga; absorbera; förtära; fängsla; fördjupa sig absorberfaire pénétrer en soi, s’assimiler.
absorb uppköpa; förbehålla sig; lägga beslag på accapareracheter ou retenir une quantité considérable d’une denrée, d’une marchandise, pour la rendre plus chère en la rendant plus rare, et se faire ainsi seul le maître de la vente et du prix.