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to catch Verb (catches, catched, catching)

  1. to catch (grab; seize; capture; trap; grip)
    gripa; fånga; ta fast
    • gripa Verb (griper, grep, gripit)
    • fånga Verb (fångar, fångade, fångat)
    • ta fast Verb (tar fast, tog fast, tagit fast)
  2. to catch (snatch; sneak up on; seize; )
    fånga; ertappa
    • fånga Verb (fångar, fångade, fångat)
    • ertappa Verb (ertappar, ertappade, ertappat)
  3. to catch (contract; receive; get)
    ; finna; fatta; skaffa sig
    • Verb (får, fick, fått)
    • finna Verb (finner, fann, funnit)
    • fatta Verb (fattar, fattade, fattat)
    • skaffa sig Verb (skaffar sig, skaffade sig, skaffat sig)
  4. to catch (seize; capture)
    fatta; fånga; gripa
    • fatta Verb (fattar, fattade, fattat)
    • fånga Verb (fångar, fångade, fångat)
    • gripa Verb (griper, grep, gripit)
  5. to catch (capture)
    • fånga Verb (fångar, fångade, fångat)
  6. to catch
    ta tag i; fatta tag i; gripa tag i
    • ta tag i Verb (tar tag i, tog tag i, tagit tag i)
    • fatta tag i Verb (fattar tag i, fattade tag i, fattat tag i)
    • gripa tag i Verb (griper tag i, grep tag i, gripit tag i)
  7. to catch (charm; dupe)
    fånga; förtrolla; dupera; charmera
    • fånga Verb (fångar, fångade, fångat)
    • förtrolla Verb (förtrollar, förtrollade, förtrollat)
    • dupera Verb (duperar, duperade, duperat)
    • charmera Verb (charmerar, charmerade, charmerat)
  8. to catch (grab; clamp; grasp; )
    fånga; ta; greppa
    • fånga Verb (fångar, fångade, fångat)
    • ta Verb (tar, tog, tagit)
    • greppa Verb (grepper, greppte, greppt)
  9. to catch (snatch away; grasp; caught; )
    ta ifrån; knycka bort
    • ta ifrån Verb (tar ifrån, tog ifrån, tagit ifrån)
    • knycka bort Verb (knycker bort, knyckte bort, knyckt bort)
  10. to catch (hunt; bait; dart; snare)
    • jaga Verb (jagar, jagade, jagat)

Konjugationen für catch:

  1. catch
  2. catch
  3. catches
  4. catch
  5. catch
  6. catch
simple past
  1. catched
  2. catched
  3. catched
  4. catched
  5. catched
  6. catched
present perfect
  1. have catched
  2. have catched
  3. has catched
  4. have catched
  5. have catched
  6. have catched
past continuous
  1. was catching
  2. were catching
  3. was catching
  4. were catching
  5. were catching
  6. were catching
  1. shall catch
  2. will catch
  3. will catch
  4. shall catch
  5. will catch
  6. will catch
continuous present
  1. am catching
  2. are catching
  3. is catching
  4. are catching
  5. are catching
  6. are catching
  1. be catched
  2. be catched
  3. be catched
  4. be catched
  5. be catched
  6. be catched
  1. catch!
  2. let's catch!
  3. catched
  4. catching
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

catch [the ~] Nomen

  1. the catch (booty; loot)
    byte; fångst
  2. the catch (bolt; tongue; latch; clasp-fastening; spring-bolt)
    lås; regel; bult
  3. the catch (spring-bolt)
    bult; låskolv; åskvigg
  4. the catch (interception)
  5. the catch (clasp-lock; latch; clasp-fastening; spring-bolt)

Übersetzung Matrix für catch:

NounVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
bult bolt; catch; clasp-fastening; latch; spring-bolt; tongue bolt; peg; pin; plug; roll-bar
byte booty; catch; loot barter; bartering; byte; change; exchange; loot; swag; swap; switch; switch-over; swop; trade-in; transfer; wheeling and dealing
fångst booty; catch; loot trapping
knäpp lock catch; clasp-fastening; clasp-lock; latch; spring-bolt
lås bolt; catch; clasp-fastening; latch; spring-bolt; tongue clasp; lock; sluice
låskolv catch; spring-bolt
regel bolt; catch; clasp-fastening; latch; spring-bolt; tongue basic rule; bolt; clasp; filter; maxim; official regulation; precept; principle; regulation; rule; rule of life
uppfångande catch; interception
uppsnappande catch; interception
åskvigg catch; spring-bolt bolt; clap of thunder; flash of lightning; streak; thunderbolt
- apprehension; arrest; collar; gimmick; grab; haul; match; pinch; snap; snatch; stop; taking into custody
VerbVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
charmera catch; charm; dupe
dupera catch; charm; dupe
ertappa catch; seize; snatch; sneak up on; take unaware; tattle; twig catch s.o. in the act; catcj s.o. red-handed
fatta capture; catch; contract; get; receive; seize comprehend; contain; get; get hold of; get one's hands on; get to know; grasp; hold; lay one's hands on; obtain; realise; realize; receive for one's portion; seize; seize upon; understand
fatta tag i catch
finna catch; contract; get; receive be of the opinion; localise; localize; locate; trace
catch; contract; get; receive be allowed to; get; have permission; have to; may; must; need; want
fånga capture; catch; charm; clamp; clasp; dupe; grab; grasp; grip; seize; snatch; sneak up on; take hold of; take unaware; tattle; trap; twig apprehend; arrest; detain; grab; hold; imprison; pick up; recapture; reconquer; regain; retake; seize
förtrolla catch; charm; dupe bewitch; cast a spell on; put a spell on; ravish
greppa catch; clamp; clasp; grab; grasp; grip; seize; take hold of comprehend; get; grasp; understand
gripa capture; catch; grab; grip; seize; trap apprehend; arrest; detain; get hold of; get one's hands on; hold; imprison; lay one's hands on; obtain; pick up; receive for one's portion; seize; seize upon
gripa tag i catch
jaga bait; catch; dart; hunt; snare chase; haunt; persecute; pursue; run after
knycka bort catch; caught; clasp; clutch; drag; grasp; grip; pilfer; reach; root; rout; rummage about; scratch; seize; slave away; slog away; snatch; snatch away; snout; stick; toil and moil; yearn
lås lock
skaffa sig catch; contract; get; receive
ta catch; clamp; clasp; grab; grasp; grip; seize; take hold of choose; get; pick; pick out; prefer; put up with; select; single out; sort out; submit to; take
ta fast capture; catch; grab; grip; seize; trap
ta ifrån catch; caught; clasp; clutch; drag; grasp; grip; pilfer; reach; root; rout; rummage about; scratch; seize; slave away; slog away; snatch; snatch away; snout; stick; toil and moil; yearn
ta tag i catch
- arrest; capture; catch up with; get; grab; hitch; overhear; overtake; pick up; see; take hold of; take in; trip up; view; watch
OtherVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen
aber but; catch; drawback; snag
fiskfångst catch catch of fish
few; little; not a lot; not many; not much
infånga catch
taga catch; take
tillfånga catch
uppfånga catch
ModifierVerwandte ÜbersetzungenWeitere Übersetzungen

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Verwandte Definitionen für "catch":

  1. the act of apprehending (especially apprehending a criminal)1
  2. the act of catching an object with the hands1
    • Mays made the catch with his back to the plate1
  3. a cooperative game in which a ball is passed back and forth1
    • he played catch with his son in the backyard1
  4. a fastener that fastens or locks a door or window1
  5. a restraint that checks the motion of something1
  6. a drawback or difficulty that is not readily evident1
    • it sounds good but what's the catch?1
  7. a break or check in the voice (usually a sign of strong emotion)1
  8. anything that is caught (especially if it is worth catching)1
    • he shared his catch with the others1
  9. a person regarded as a good matrimonial prospect1
  10. the quantity that was caught1
    • the catch was only 10 fish1
  11. contract1
    • did you catch a cold?1
  12. delay or hold up; prevent from proceeding on schedule or as planned1
  13. be struck or affected by1
    • catch fire1
    • catch the mood1
  14. grasp with the mind or develop an understanding of1
    • did you catch that allusion?1
    • don't catch your meaning1
  15. detect a blunder or misstep1
  16. discover or come upon accidentally, suddenly, or unexpectedly; catch somebody doing something or in a certain state1
  17. become aware of1
  18. be the catcher1
    • Who is catching?1
  19. catch up with and possibly overtake1
  20. succeed in catching or seizing, especially after a chase1
    • Did you catch the thief?1
  21. to hook or entangle1
  22. cause to become accidentally or suddenly caught, ensnared, or entangled1
  23. spread or be communicated1
    • The fashion did not catch1
  24. reach with a blow or hit in a particular spot1
  25. take hold of so as to seize or restrain or stop the motion of1
  26. capture as if by hunting, snaring, or trapping1
  27. take in and retain1
    • We have a big barrel to catch the rainwater1
  28. attract and fix1
  29. apprehend and reproduce accurately1
  30. reach in time1
    • I have to catch a train at 7 o'clock1
  31. suffer from the receipt of1
    • She will catch hell for this behavior!1
  32. perceive with the senses quickly, suddenly, or momentarily1
    • ears open to catch every sound1
  33. see or watch1
  34. hear, usually without the knowledge of the speakers1
  35. perceive by hearing1
    • I didn't catch your name1
  36. get or regain something necessary, usually quickly or briefly1
    • catch one's breath1
  37. check oneself during an action1
    • She managed to catch herself before telling her boss what was on her mind1
  38. start burning1

Wiktionary Übersetzungen für catch:

  1. to perceive and understand (jump)
  2. to seize an opportunity (jump)
  3. to intercept an object in the air etc. (jump)
  1. that which is captured or caught (jump)
  2. a hidden difficulty, especially in a deal or negotiation (jump)
  3. a clasp which stops something from opening (jump)
  4. a find, in particular a boyfriend/girlfriend (jump)
    • catchkap
  5. the act of catching a ball (jump)

Cross Translation:
catch fånga vangen — onderscheppen
catch fånga vangen — te pakken krijgen
catch fångst; byte Fang — erbeutetes Gut, besonders auf die Tierjagd bezogen
catch ertappa ertappentransitiv: jemanden bei etwas Verbotenem überraschen
catch gripa; grabba tag i; greppa tag i; greppa grapschen — (umgangssprachlich), (transitiv)
catch få tag i; få tag på kriegenumgangssprachlich: zu fassen bekommen, habhaft werden
catch hälsa; anamma; bekomma; ; undfå; tacka ja till accueillir — Traductions à trier suivant le sens
catch ernå atteindretoucher de loin au moyen d’un projectile.
catch kanon canon — Forme musicale
catch fånga capturers’emparer d’un être vivant ou d’une chose.
catch hake hicnœud ou principale difficulté d’une affaire.
catch ; uppnå parvenir — Arriver à un point donné à la suite d’un déplacement. (Sens général)

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